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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/25/1995 2:13:23 PM 01:00 (Entered as : 8/??/95 01:00)
Reported: 11/20/2001 1:29:12 PM 13:29
Posted: 11/20/2001
Location: Morris, AL
Shape: Other
Duration:40 seconds
There was a roundish object with glowing, shifting lights lining the edges of the craft as it hovered silently above the trees.

I had to guess a bit on the exact date and time of the event, as it was several years ago, and it is something I really don't go around telling alot of people about. I had just left a friend's home, who lived in the small town of Morris. I always enjoyed riding around and listening to music, and after driving a bit, I headed back towards his home, becuase the road he lived on was, at the time, somewhat secluded, and great for star-gazing(since it was away from city lights).

I pulled off the road, rolled down the window, and had the radio softly playing. I was digging around for some cassettes to listen to, and something caught my eye. It was up to the left, just over the treeline. It seemed quite large, and was moving very slowly. The lights on it were glowing softly, and not flashing in quick succession, as aircraft usually have. I am a UFO buff, but didn't think that was what it was at first; my guess was it was a helicopter. It was way too slow for a plane.

I turned down the radio and listened. However, I heard nothing.

Now, at the time, I was unaware that some UFO sightings were marked by the lack of noise accompanying the craft, so it was a shock to see this thing hovering so low above the treeline, and not hearing a sound. I was totally scared. It dawned on me that it was not anything recognizable to ordinary citizens. I tried to convince myself that it was a sort of experimental thing maybe, that the military was working on. If so, they were pretty far from any bases.

Then as I sat and watched, I noticed the colors around it seemed to melt into each other, much the way the Mars looks on a good night-- it went from orange to green to red, softly and slowly changing as it moved slowly above the trees, as if it were looking for something.

I had determined in my mind that if this thing headed my way, I was going to speed up the street to my friends house, who was only about a 1/4 mile away. My heart was pounding. It was hard to really make out the exact shape, but it seemed roundish, with lights all around the base. As I said, time and secrecy has dimmed my memory a bit. Though I know if I saw it again, I would KNOW what it was!(And I have, but that is going ahead of myself.) Then it did what I hoped it wouldn't-- it stopped in mid-air. I froze. My hand was on the key getting ready to crank the car and take off. I watched it as it began slowly rotating in a circle. Then after a few rotations, it began moving off behind the trees, back towards town.

Since it only seemed to be about 2 miles away, I decided to chase it. I was scared, but I hoped to find someone who mihg tbe stopped on the road who also saw it. I sped off in the direction it went, but the whole way back to town, I never passed a single car! Typical.

It was a long time before I told anyone, except my friend, and I swore him to secrecy. He said he believed me because he could tell by the sincerity and seriousness in my voice that I was not playing around.

As a sidenote: a year or two later, NBC ran a UFO special one night, and they showed a re-enactment of some policemen in a small town who had seen three UFOs. They described what they saw, and in the video re-enactment the UFOs looked exactly like what I saw that night! My mouth hit the floor, and my heart raced as I was suddenly taken back to that night. It was a Wednesday night, and my wife wasn't home(she had gone to church). So it was frustrating once again not to have something tangible to show someone that would help validate my experience. I keep hoping to see that special again, or that maybe I will find photos resembling what I saw, but I have yet to come even close.

((NUFORC Note: The date is approximate, and we have arbitrarily assigned a date, such that the report will sort to August 1995. We note the similarity between this report, and a very dramatic incident that occurred over Ontario, Canada, and western Pennsylvania on Friday morning, August 25, 1995. We will invite the witness to try to establish the precise date of his sighting. PD))