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Occurred : 8/18/2000 21:00
Reported: 1/8/2002 15:00
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Gerlach, NV
There is no doubt that the sky and space around us are a curiously busy place.

I am actually responding to two previously posted reports for the Reno/Carson/Gerlach, Nevada areas as dated, 03/29/00 and 08/18/00. I remember checking the NUFORC website reports after witnessing a similar object in the same area as described by the individual in the report dated 03/29/00. In my situation, I had just come off of the Mt.Rose Hwy and were headed south on 395. Looking south I was startled by the intensity of an object floating over the foothills (between Steamboat and Washoe). It produced a very bright, equally radiating white light and moved slowly over the hills until it seemed to simply fall from the sky, in the same manner in which an object might roll off a ledge then drop. That's it. Short lived yet spectacular.

The other incident was posted 08/18/00 from a gentleman in Gerlach in which he describes 3 seperated objects flying in a triangular pattern, north to south. I'm not sure of the exact dates, but on a couple of occasions in July and August of 2000 I observed 2 individual objects from my home in Steamboat (just south of Gerlach) that paralleled each other and traveled north to south. In checking several websites I found that what I probably saw at the time were the Space Shuttle and the MIR Space Station. Whether or not there was a third object possibly rotated in a non-reflective position ... who knows?

((NUFORC Note: Date and time are approximate. PD))