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Occurred : 1/15/2002 07:55 (Entered as : 1/15/02 7:55)
Reported: 2/16/2002 6:09:37 AM 06:09
Posted: 2/22/2002
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Shape: Oval
Duration:10 minutes
St. petersburg fl. Could not belive my eyes for the first time I saw UFO

I never belived in UFOs unitl that day I was driving to work and while driving on I275 passing the exit to down town. I looked at the sky when I saw this silver oval shape could not belive what I was seeing so I just stared at it. I thought maybe it was a new plan that was not it did not move from where it was at it was just in mid air did not go left right up down..from one sec to the next it was gone. I was so freaked that I called my boyfriend that morning which I knew he was not going to answer cause he was at the office.he knows how I feel about ufos..and he belives that I did see what I saw that morning..i still remain doughtful..but that day was above all days my co-workers called me crazy..its a see with your own belive what I saw..