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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1990 02:00 (Entered as : 06/90 02:00)
Reported: 2/17/2002 12:15:02 PM 12:15
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Peru, IN
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 minutes

In the early morning hours of mid summer in 1991 I witnessed a "Circle" UFO. I had gotten off of work at a local restaurant. I walked home a block and a half away to change from my work clothes and into my running clothes. I proceeded to run to a local Villiage Pantry for a late night snack. I was running on West Main St on the north side of the road. I at the time was having a conversation with "God." I had asked him and her if they could show me an "Angel of the Lord" or what I refer to as whats described in the Christian Bible. Almost insantaniously behind my destination spot on the North East corner of Main and Hospital Rd I noticed what appeared to be an airplane. I was a little confused as to why this plane or object was flying so low and right over a main street in town. I stopped running and proceeded to walk the rest of the way. All the while watching the object come closer. It at first appeared to be a taller vehicle in the road behind a regular size car which was stopped at a red light at the intersection of West Main and Hosptial Rd. I thought maybe it was a "Monster Truck." Living in the midwest that wouldn't have surprised me. But then it was noticeably higher in the horizon. And the lights in front did look very much like bright yellow headlights of a truck. It then appeared like lights from maybe a medium sized aircraft. I stood on the north east corner of Main and Freemont St to observe the object come closer. I had seen a car in front of the object in question turn left off of West Main St then proceed North onto Hospital Rd. I often wondered if the occupants in that vehicle had seen what I had seen. Just south of me on the South East corner of Main and Freemont is a church. And on the South West corner of the intersection there is a wood and brick home. A home also stood on the North West corner. On the corner that I was standing there stands a mansion. I checked the wind around me and listened for any noise. There was neither wind or noise. Only the so! und of m y breathe and the sound of my shoes when I occasionally moved a foot or two. There also was no moon visible and it was a starry night. The object proceeded to move east over West Main St. When the object became closer to me the "headlights" disappeared behind the trees and when the object was totally within view it hovered over the trees and the home on the South West corner of West Main and Freemont St. I was in "awe" of what I was seeing. We were caddy corner from each other. I couldn't make out a body to what I was seeing only approximately ten soft circular white lights in a perfect circle. The distance of the object or lights seemed to be within 50 feet from the ground or 30 from the top of the home it was hovering over. It was very surreal to say the least. I wasn't scared. I was enthrawled if anything. I wanted to know and experience more of what I was seeing. I started thanking "God" for giving me a response to what I was only moments ago talking with him and her about. Then I thought to myself, "Why me?" Some twenty-something year old from Peru, Indiana. I was no one important at least in the eyes of anyone on Earth besides maybe my mother. I decided to go in for a closer look by jaywalking across the street where I would be right under it or them. In the same instance that I proceeded to walk over to the South West corner of the intersection the lights and maybe object started to move in a "counter clock wise" motion heading South East. I stopped in the middle of the intersection saying in a whisper, "Don't go." And, "I want to see more." I was not afraid. I watched as it or they dissappeared behind the houses and trees in town. I ran to the river which is three blocks south of where I stood. Which took approximately a minute. I stood on the railroad tracks that are located on the north side of the Wabash River. In the South Eastern part of town maybe a half a mile away all I saw was the same "beams" of light that I had initially seen shining toward the south. I still ! could se e no shape to what was giving off the strange lights. I at that moment assumed it was a plane and came to the conclusion that the object or lights that I saw had vanished. Only now do I know that the beams of lights where of the same. The following day I phoned Grissom Air Force Base which is located South West of town to see if there had been any night flights the night I witnessed my UFO. I was told that there were no night flights in the area. Which didn't surprise me because the base was due to close in a matter of a few years. It was only until today that I decided to find out if others have witnessed similar occurrances and experiences by logging onto NUFRC. You would think that I would have written the exact month and date of this. But after being laughed at over and over again after telling my eye witness account the month and date didn't seem so important. Until now. Many people have labeled me "crazy" because of what I tell them. "I could care less." Now I have validation of what I had seen. Whether it was "God" giving me an answer to what I was asking or something or someone else...