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Occurred : 4/27/2002 13:10 (Entered as : 04/27/02 1:10pm)
Reported: 4/28/2002 5:50:14 PM 17:50
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Germantown, NY
Shape: Sphere
Duration:6 minutes
They really do look like orbs...?

Situation: I was up in Germantown, NY this past Saturday with 3 other friends. The one guy had property up there where we could go dirtbike riding. We were done riding for the day. 2 of the guys were inside cleaning off, my friend was loading up the pickup truck with the bikes and equipment. I was cleaning the surrounding yard where we had a bonfire the night previous.

Weather Conditions: Clear/Sunny, Temp 56 degrees, Wind 8-10 mph out of the NW, Unusually clear day, as was the night before, No clouds, no Chemtrails.

Sighting: The time was about 12:50 pm when this sighting occurred. I was looking up at the sky, at a passing jet plane. Normal contrail formation that rapidly disapated. Jet looked to be at about 10,000 feet up or about the size of a dime at arms length? As I was looking at the jet, I noticed some white flower petals, or something similar floating through the sky about 50-100 feet up, so that my field of focus switched to that for a moment. Thought nothing of it until I noticed one white object sitting in the sky. Object was at 85 degrees above me, (90 being directly overhead). Sun would have been at 80 degrees towards my back or 15 degrees from this objects position. This object remained stationary and looked to be spherical in shape. Color white, size undetermined, however this is where I got lucky and determined that this was in fact a ufo. Another jet passed over the same flight path of the last and crossed over this object. Now I was able to determine that this thing was below the plane. By how much, I do not know. The object remained stationary for 1 minute, then moved quickly about 2 feet over to the left. 2 feet relative to where I was staring if you were to point your finger on the object. The distance up there could be a few hundred to a thousand feet then? I continued to stare at this thing, it began to circle, in a spiral pattern, which made me think, "Is this perhaps a local weather ballon caught in a wind pattern?" Then it began to glide back to the right to it's original position, and ZOOM - it took off to the west, GONE! I have had other UFO sightings in the past, and to place this one as well, UFO simply put (Unidentified, Flying, Object). This could have been many things, I am only relaying what I saw. It was not ordinary. I look at the skies ALOT and have waited years to see such a thing. I was not expecting this at all, that is why I am reporting it.

Thank you. ((name deleted))