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Occurred : 5/2/2002 19:45 (Entered as : 05/02/02 19:45)
Reported: 5/3/2002 9:40:34 PM 21:40
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Kansas City, MO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:Two minutes
Silent triangular shaped craft observed in daylight

On Thursday, 05/02/02, at 7:45 PM I stepped outside on the balcony to watch the sunset. I live near a small airport and frequently see small aircraft like Cessna's and corporate jets. The weather was clear with a few very high scattered clouds. After several minutes of looking up I observed to the south of me a triangular shaped craft flying from south to north. I estimate it's altitude at about one half mile and the distance from me of less than one mile. I could see it clearly. The craft itself was triangular with rounded corners, dark in color, didn't reflect any sunlight and made no noise that I could hear. I would guage the size of it to be similar to a large commercial aircraft. The surface that I saw appeared to be smooth without any lights on it. When first seen I thought it was a kite drifting on the wind but it flew smoothly in a straight line, not erratically like one expects a kite to do. It flew slowly enough that it was in sight for at least two minutes. During this time it maintained a steady flight path and did not change it's altitude or distance from me. I finally lost sight of it to the north due to the edge of the building I was in.

While I was watching this craft a small Cessna took off from the airport and reached an altitude of about 1500 feet going south/southwest. The engine on this plane was easily heard. It appeared to be about midway between the ground and the triangular craft but closer. I should note that there are several military bases to the southeast of Kansas City. Perhaps what I saw was an aircraft from one of them. I've seen the B1/Stealth aircraft in flight at distances of a 1000 feet and the craft I saw yesterday evening was a little different. What impressed me the most was the rounded corners, total lack of noise, it's shape and that it didn't reflect any sunlight at all even though it was in the light of the setting sun. There are lots of small aircraft the use the nearby airport and Kansas City International Airport is about 30 miles north of my position. I assume the craft was tracked on radar by both of them and was visually observed by others on the ground and in the air.

I am ((deleted--40 + year-old)), college educated, an((military)) veteran, worked many years in the ((medical)) field and am currently state certified in ((public service)). I've never experienced any kind of visual hallucination, don't drink and don't do drugs. I currently hold a responsible management position. I've been on a number of military bases, had flight line clearence but have never before seen a craft exactly like this one.