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Occurred : 5/11/2002 11:30 (Entered as : 5-11-02 11:30 pm)
Reported: 5/20/2002 11:55:49 AM 11:55
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Redmond, WA
Shape: Unknown
we knew it was a ufo cause of the way it went bright one sec and then dull the next.

It was Satorday night and me and a friend were sitting in my car on the side of a dark road to watch the stars when we saw this bright but slow moving object.

At first we thought it was an airplane but it was going to slow for that so we sat there for a while longer watching it trying to figure out what it was. It was moving above the tree line and then disappeared in the trees so we sat there watching and what seem to be a half an hour went by it came out the other side and then it started to fade in and out like it was hovering there turn in its spot going bright to dieam and it look like it disappear and then it went bright again so we then we decited to go somewhere else that was more open so we can see it better but by the time we got to were we can see it better it had moved to wher it was just above the tree lines and then disappeared again for good. we went back the next Satorday but we didnt see it again