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Occurred : 5/28/2002 13:50 (Entered as : 05-28-02 1:50pm)
Reported: 5/28/2002 3:43:03 PM 15:43
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:45 SECONDS
Silver flying saucer floats, then wobbles then speeds away at lightspeed becoming a pinpoint of orange light.

I was standing about knee deep in the Pacific Ocean, about 25 feet south of the Marine Street Lifeguard Stattion. I noticed a cigar shaped silver metallic craft about 100 yards to the north, travelling south . It was silent and seemed to float in the air eeirely. It moved very slowly. The craft was approximately 25 feet long and 10 feet high at its highest point (the middle of the craft). It was symmetrical in shape, and in classic flying saucer shape. It had no visible windows or markings.

It was aluminum or bright siver in color. It was approximately 500 yards off shore over the Pacific Ocen in Manhattan Beach. Once it came to a point directly in front of me off the coast it began to wobble in a strange slow wobbling motion. At that point I became alarmed with internal emotion and recognized it to be 100% conclusively a flying saucer or UFO. I probably stopped beathing.

In an instant, the craft took off in a blur. It became a pinpoint of orange-yellow light, similar to a minature sun. It seemed to be imprinted as this light in the far distant horizon. the duration of this fixed pinpoint of light was approximayely 10 seconds. It then vanished.

Minutes later, shaken up and returning to my towel I noticed a whilpool of water about the same distace (500 yard off the coast) but probably just caused by the wind and tidal conditions. A clouy haze moved into the horizon. The sky had been crystal clear previously.

I reported the incident to the nearest lifeguard. I stopped at Los Angeles Air Force Base on the way home and the security guard told me to file the report on the internet.

As a Bible believing and God fearing Christian swear this to be true.

I have never seen a UFO before today.