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Occurred : 6/15/1996 13:30 (Entered as : ??/??/96 13:30)
Reported: 6/11/2002 11:11:07 AM 11:11
Posted: 6/12/2002
Location: Aberdeen, MD
Shape: Disk
6 spaceshuttle technology schemed saucer shaped vehicles seen over Aberdeen,Md in summer of '96.

On or about the month of June or July of '96,in the town of Aberdeen,Md., my 15 yr.old son and I were returning from the dept.of motorvehicles(he was applying for his drivers learner permit),at approx.1330p.m.(traveling north on Beardshill rd.),we noticed a md.state police helicopter hovering above a buisiness building(on Barnett Ln.), and a couple town police cars close to the building. I pulled over to the side of the road(now facing east on Beardshill Rd.)to see what was going on if possible.My son and I were watching(facing west)the helicopter.To the north you could see a light airplane practicing flight maneouvers at the Harford Co.Airpark when I happened to look to the northeast and was startled to see a low flying vehicle(disk or saucer shaped)passing over head.I asked my son to look.He acknowledged by saying "What is that?" I replied,"It looks like a flying saucer!" The vehicle was approx. 500 to 750 ft. above us. As it passed overhead it made no noise whatsoever.It was just floating from N.E. to S.W.,following I-95 toward Baltimore. I would say the vehicle was approx.50 to 100 diameter,domed at the top and bottom with a dark ring around outside diameter.I saw no windows,engines,or wings.The color scheme was that of the space shuttle. The vehicle colors were bone white(top&bottom)and a visibly black tiled ring around the outer edge.You could see the top of the vehicle because as it moved away from us following I-95,it became level with our eyesight.We were standing at one of the highest elevations in Aberdeen.As this vehicle moved away getting smaller,I turned and looked to see another identical vehicle floating overhead. I told my son to look."WOW!",he said. We saw six of these vehicles that day. As one vehicle moved out of our sight to the S.W., one would appear from the N.E..They were following each other in an inline group.I would say they were traveling at approx.75 to 100 mph. The next day at work I talked about what I saw but nobody I talked to saw what I did.The Md.State helicopte! r pilot& copilot had to see these vehicles,as the helicopter was facing to the S.E.,and these vehicles would have crossed their "path".I can say that I do not think that these vehicles were extraterrestrial,but manmade in nature.Unless we truly do have alien technology! They were so close to us overhead that they resembled the same texture of material and color scheme that the space shuttle is made out of.I have stood next to the shuttle at Kennedy Space Center.Except for their shape,they do resemble each other.It was really uncanny.My son dosen't remember much about what he saw that day except that they were saucer shaped, but I am sure that some others in Aberdeen had to see these vehicles especially those helicopter pilots from the state police.I found out later they were searching for two robbery suspects at that building.Also I must note that I saw these same vehicles on the T.V. show "Sightings" twice. Someone had videotaped these vehicles in 1997 and turned the videotape over to the show.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD))