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Occurred : 7/9/2002 03:55 (Entered as : 07/09/02 04)
Reported: 7/9/2002 7:58:13 PM 19:58
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Klamath Falls, OR
Shape: Light
Duration:90 seconds
7/9/02. Klamath Falls , OR 03:55, object travelling from SSE towards NNW accelerates at high speed and does 180 still accelerating

I was reporting to work at the Klamath Falls Post Office when I noticed two of my co-werkers at the SW corner of the postal property. I came up to them and asked why they were looking up in the night sky. They told me that they had heard that there would be a passing of the ISS at 03:55 that AM. I was to clock on at 04:00 so I thought I would whatch the event myself. My understanding was that the ISS would be passing from the SW. We whatched awile and then one of my co-workers said "There it is!" It was passing from the SE. It was slightly orange. My friend said that he had seen the ISS pass before and it had been "a bright white light" and "slowly moving". We watched it move from the SSE towards the NNW we saw that it started to accelerate, maintained its accelaration and shortly after it passed over us it made a radical 180 degree turn of very tight trajectory; almost back on its previous course and continued to accelerate back to the SSE and speed out of sight.

The object did not change color coming or going. I was a Naval aircraft mechanic from 1968-1971 and do not believe that this was an aircraft presently in our inventory nor do I believe that we have vehicles that could demonstrate the technology necessary to achieve the air display that I witnessed.

There was no sound. The object did not leave any sort of trail. I had the impression that the object was at a great altitude. There were no blinking lights on the object and it looked the same as it advanced, turned and then spead away.