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Occurred : 7/12/2002 18:42 (Entered as : 07/12/02 6:42pm)
Reported: 7/12/2002 3:36:45 PM 15:36
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Buffalo, NY
Shape: Unknown
I was standing in the backyard (house is double - built facing west) when i obseved pigeons on the roof. I made jestures in an attempt to scare them off when a light/for silver/white object caught my eye as it passed the roofline moving across the clear blue sky at an usually high rate of speed with no vapor trail and not any sound being emitted. At first I thought it might be a high flying bird like a seagull using the thermals, but when i saw the straight line and the distance it covered i just watched it go straight west to east until out of sight from a tree. I have never seen an object traveling at that speed and cover the distance in my life and i have no idea what it was, but if I had not been looking at the roofline of the house i would never have dectected it otherwise on such a clear and bright day.