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Occurred : 7/11/2002 08:46 (Entered as : 07/11/02 08:46)
Reported: 7/17/2002 7:03:33 AM 07:03
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Vaughan (North of Toronto) (Canada), ON
Shape: Rectangle
2 odd-shaped objects hovered for 5 minutes, vanished, then immediately re-appeared about 15 kilometres away, then vanished again.

I was driving to work, west along the 407 expressway, North of Toronto with my father in the front passenger seat. About 8:46 am I noticed a pure black object in the sky 10 kilometres away to the west hovering about 300 feet above the ground. I pointed it out to my father and he confirmed visuals. However, because we were in the north-western end of the city he believed it was a helicopter from Pearson International Airport and dismissed the issue, returning to his newspaper. As we were traveling at freeway speed, we got closer and I could see some detail that made me think otherwise.

The object's shape reminded me of the torso of the constellation Orion with a narrow bottom, wide middle and narrow top. It was not curved and the shape was not symetrical. There were no extensions of wings or rotors and there was no smoke, exhaust, or flame coming from any side of it. As well, there was no "basket" attachment like a balloon.

I kept my eye on the object and it continued to hover as we got closer. I alerted my father and he took a better look. He said it reminded him of a large garbage bag with no reflective surface, though- and he agreed it was not a helicopter.

I returned my concentration to my driving as there were many other cars on the road and stopped watching the object. This is when my father discovered the second object, two white discs attached to each other side-to-side. It was much smaller and stayed about 40 feet away from the black object, higher up and to the north. The 2 seperate objects stayed close together and continued to hover.

They made no movement, did not drift, and we saw no wires attaching them to the ground.

At 8:51 am, 5 minutes into the sighting, the objects vanished. We exited the expressway at Pine Valley Drive and headed south on this local road. This put me on the east side of the car and my father's window facing the objects. The objects were now about 3 kilometres away and we could see them very clearly.

Moments after we made that exit the objects vanished, which alarmed by father and he looked franitcally across the sky for signs of them. I slowed the car to about 30 km/h and looked directly out his window in the direction we saw them last.

I re-aquired visual contact about 10 seconds after they vanished and saw only the black object, now 15-20 kilometres away, hovering again. There was no way it could have traveled that distance and slowed to a hover again. My father got one last look at the object to confirm the new distance and then the city landscape and buildings prevented our vision.

Additonal facts: -Visibility that morning was perfect and the sun was shining -No sound determination because car windows were closed -A 767 was traveling west towards Pearson Airport, about 15 kilometres to the south -The carft were intially hovering near a massive North-South powerline grid before they moved -Other cars did not take notice of the object -the event lasted 5.5 minutes.

-Both objects were dull in colour and did not shine light (non-metallic) -They would definitely be on Airport radar at their location (even tower visibility) What intrigued me about this sighting is the lack of wings or rotors on the object, the ability to hover without ANY movement, and the speed at which the object moved from 3 to at about 15 kilometres away to another hover.