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Occurred : 7/19/2002 19:50 (Entered as : 7/19/02 19:50)
Reported: 7/20/2002 12:15:20 AM 00:15
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Nashville, TN
Shape: Changing
Duration:10 minutes
Star-like ovoid with revolving object seen before dark, separates, approached by two triangular objects; disappears.

I was on my deck and on my back stretching before dark tonight. I observed a bright, and what seemed to be very high-altitude object overhead. The sky was still too light for stars or planets, but it was similar to the size and intensity of Venus. I knew it wasn't Venus since it was directly overhead. I ran into my house to grab my 8x25 power binoculars. When I returned, the object had drifted slightly but was roughly in the same place. I got on my back and observed the object through the binoculars. I have very good eyesight and focused on the shiny object that seemed to be ovoid. I then observed a small point of light revolving around the ovoid at a 7:00 to 1:00 attitude/orbit in a clock-wise direction with a frequency of about three seconds. I ran back in the house to grab my cell phone and call a friend to describe what I was seeing. When I returned, the object had drifted slightly to the southwest. As I was describing my observations to my friend on the phone, the object suddenly and almost instantly separated into a group of approximately 20 to 30 small points. There were no flames, colors or smoke to indicate any explosion. It just seemed to separate. Approximately three of the smaller objects were brighter and easier to see than the others, but it was now a distinguishable group of drifting objects. I observed that the one piece that had been revolving around the ovoid was still in somewhat the same motion, but no longer around any object. At first I thought it was falling, but then realized it was just drifting. A few moments later, an object entered my field of vision approaching the group from the west and stopped. It was about the same brightness as the original object but seemed to be triangular. I thought it was a fighter jet, but it stopped. Immediately, another triangular object of the same size and brightness approached the group from the north and stopped opposite the other object so as to surround the group from the east and west. Just then, the group of objects d! isappear ed, and then the western triangular object disappeared. The sky became hazy, and completely obscured the one remaining eastern triangular object. The clouds remained for approximately 20 minutes and then dissipated. By that time the stars had begun to appear, and there was no sign of the objects. Looking through your sighting reports, I saw a similar (but brief) description from someone in Hogansville, GA. Any ideas what this could have been?