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Occurred : 5/9/2001 09:00 (Entered as : 05/09/01 09:00:00)
Reported: 7/20/2002 3:27:07 AM 03:27
Posted: 7/26/2002
Location: Ryazan (Russia),
Shape: Oval
Oval object accidentally photographed with APPARENTLY large antenna on one side and fighter jet slung beneath

The "Antenna ship" Hello, Has anyone seen an object like this? Attached are two scans of a photo of a bizarre object I unknowingly (at the time) photographed. I wouldn't have noticed the object except for a relative (who has better close up vision) pointing it out to me.

PLACE: Ryazan, Russia, c 250km SE from Moscow.

DATE & TIME: May 9th 2001, c 9:00 (May 9th is the "Day of Victory" over NAZI Germany holiday in Russia, as this photo was being taken Ryazan's military were preparing for their parade. Ryazan is Russia's West Point or Sandhurst) PHOTOGRAPHY INFO: Kodacolor Plus 200ISO film with full automatic camera focussed on the tree below the object (i.e. at infinity).

The lighting is sharply from the left, from the morning sun on a clear, Spring day.

PHOTO BACKGROUND: Taken from the 1st floor (1st above ground floor) bedroom window of a flat in Ryazan.

The block of apartments on the left is about 15 stories high.

SCAN 1: Highest magnification scan I can achieve. This is a 600DPI scan of an enlargement I got at the local photo shop. Zoom out about three times to see it clearly. I have tried to get some more detail using Paint Shop Pro's photo enhancement tools to enhance contrast.

SCAN 2: the full frame original photo scanned in at 200DPI.

OBSERVATIONS ABOUT OBJECT: I could not say either the distance or altitude of the object from the photo. It appears to be stationery. For what it MAY have been doing hanging there see NOTES ON MY LIFE below.

However IF that is a MiG31 / F15 size fighter slung underneath (see below), then the craft is about 25-30 meters from "prow" to stern, and would be about a kilometer away. This would put it over another residential area of Ryazan.

I have seen many photos of UFOs but nothing like this. This is a very odd object, and to my amateur eye looks like either a HUMAN device or an alien / human hybrid device.

I say that because of the large antenna dish apparent on the right hand side. That just looks very terrestrial tech to me. This dish would also be incredibly un-aerodynamic. There may be another on the right of the high dome (above the command center with windows?) at top of the craft.

I cannot see how the craft could travel at any speed with these large dishes hanging out unless a) the dishes could be retracted during flight or b) the craft utilizes some form of trans-dimensional drive or c) it just flies very slowly.

Also there APPEARS to be a twin finned military fighter jet slung beneath the object (!) like a MiG31 or U.S. equivalent.

Note the ship like "prow" on the craft and the bump above that which reminds me of the active sonar array on the prow of some submarines.

In the 200DPI scan a light "aura" is visible around the craft. I only have "High Color" on my PC and can't say if this is an artifact.

I can’t help but wonder that IF this is a human piloted craft, whether it is being run by Russians (it is on their territory, but I have suffered "phenomena" that may be associated with this craft in many other countries), or if it is being run by Americans, doing a test of their ability to "penetrate" Russian airspace & influence people in that country with the phenomena listed below.

NOTE ON MY LIFE & RELEVANCE to this PHOTO: To my conscious knowledge I only once SAW a UFO from the outside with my own eyes on one occasion prior to photographing this, but that was during a period when I didn't WANT to believe in any such thing and I went inside ignoring it, possibly under a form of mind control.

My son and ex-wife had seen UFOs of the saucer type and also a sharp, black, isosceles triangular craft in the years before this picture was taken near my flat.

I was the subject of an abduction experience when I was six years old. Prior to this I was a very happy, lucky and socially successful person.

My memory of the abduction experience is one of being taken to a round "theatre" like room by a strange, large, being from my bed in our family holiday house. I felt an intense EVIL from the being who abducted me, and a projection of that evil onto me, such as some assaulters project on to their victims.

There were several other similar aliens in the craft. I have no memory of physical examinations. But I do remember they "judged" me and came to some decision about me.

>From that night on I suddenly lost all my good friends. Many were physically taken away. From then on I have lived under a regimen of: constant, strict isolation. The only relationships I am allowed are negative, painful or abusive towards me; despite coming from a very well off family I have been forced to live in poverty, always about 10% below subsistence no matter what I do.

People associated with me are subject to mind control that puts the most awful negative ideas in their heads about me. Those who resists this and wants to be with me is PHYSICALLY removed by various means, often involving third parties interfering.

I have continued to live for the interests that I had from before the abduction: studying the meaning of life and working to help humanity. It is something of a family tradition coming through my father.

WHAT IS RELEVANT TO THIS PICTURE is that during the year before this craft was inadvertently taken, I and the two other occupants of that flat in Ryazan, were subjected to a massive program of attacks: direct energy attacks, such as uncontrollable itching, attacks of needles all over the body, uncontrollable coughing with no infection, incredibly disturbed digestion (including constant flatulence), extreme knife like headaches just for starters.

I never experienced such a "full spectrum attack" since the months after I had left my original home at age 18, several decades ago. That was in another continent away from Russia.

I HAVE BEEN SUBJECT TO THESE ATTACKS, just not as concentrated as when I was 18 and in Ryazan, IN EVERY CONTINENT (except Africa and South America where I haven't been). These attacks have followed me wherever I have gone around the world.

I have been assessed by numerous psychological experts and they can find no abnormalities of the mind, except evidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the horror I have faced since I was six. I am now middle aged and my health is very badly affected.

POSSIBLY identifying this bizarre craft may shed some light on what has been plaguing my life for so long.

All the best to all who seek the truth,

((NUFORC Note: Both photos forwarded to NUFORC look like a black splotch in the sky. The photos are ambiguous, we feel. PD))