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Occurred : 6/1/1980 17:00 (Entered as : 06/01/1980 1700)
Reported: 8/16/2002 2:29:51 PM 14:29
Posted: 8/28/2002
Location: Ethell, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:3 to five minutes
Huge Silver Upside down V shaped craft hovering over field in broad daylight

I recently was discussing a UFO encounter with a friend of mine, as he has significant interests and participates in research on the subject, and he suggested getting online and looking for websites, (such as this one) that had listings and reports by state, region, shape, etc.

I was looking thru the Washington state region, around the mid to early 1980's, to see if anyone else had ever seen what I am going to describe. TO my great surprise, and genuine startled sensation, a person in Rochester, (which is not too far from where my stepfather and I originally saw this UFO, in Ethel, WA) described a very similar shaped craft and an unusual time disorientation feeling both my stepfather and I had experienced after the craft departed. For whoever wrote about the V shaped craft, I want you to know, you are not alone in seeing this. Both my Stepfather and I saw it, and we saw it within very close proximity and in broad daylight.

Here is my account of the incident: My stepfather was picking me up from a friend's house at the top of the Hill on an old country road called Larmon road about 1 mile east from where the road meets into Hwy 12. I remember I had rode the school bus up to my friend's house that day to go play on his go-cart, as it meant I wouldn't have to try and ride my bike up that incredibly steep hill. We had left my friend's house and we were driving East back towards the hill, That is when my stepfather turned to me in the passenger seat and said quite casually, "Look, a UFO." My reply was "yeah, right", until I looked past him and out the driver's car door window, then I actually saw it. My stepfather slowed down the car as we saw looked in disbelief and eventually came to a stop there on the road. There it was this huge upside down "V" shaped silver metallic craft. It was hovering no more than 15 feet above the grass in an empty cow pasture right off to the left of the road. I remember just sitting there in the front seat, looking at it, in total disbelief as to what we were both seeing. It was there, in a field belonging to my friend's grandparents facing North of the road. It cast a giant shadow on the ground, but I remember it looking as if it were just hanging there in the air, it was impossible for our eyes to comprehend, as it defied gravity, just hanging there. The top of the "V" was facing towards the sky. And in the center, I remember a circular domed area, and what looked like domed windows. It was not a plane, as there was no noise, and this craft was a lot larger than a regular plane, or even a jumbojet, it was very big. The house of my friend's grandparent's was just to the right of where it hovered, and it made the house look like a shed in comparison. We were probably no more than 150 ft from where it hovered above the pasture. I remember seeing the grass below it reflecting on the tips of both sides of the V. It had lights, green, red, and blue. I remember seeing the green light the most coming from the centermos! t point of the craft, where I had believed to have seen windows on the craft. The light got intensely bright, and after that, I remember being suddenly startled and then suddenly looking out the window of my passenger window, as if something was there, I for a moment thought there was something there. It was at this time that time seems to have skipped on us. We both felt as if some serious time had passed since first encountering the craft, that we had something like a time hiccup is the best I can describe the sensation. Like we hiccuped and we moved ahead in time, like we had been gone for hours, but somehow equated out to no time loss at all. I have no idea if we were abducted, as I have no memory past looking out my passenger door window, I just remember being very startled and was compelled to look away from the light. After I saw there wasn't anyone there, I looked back at the craft, and it was gone. Suddenlt there was a noise, a very loud thundercraking sonic boom type of noise, but when we got out of the car to see if it had made the noise, there was nothing visible in the sky. For a good five minutes, we sat on that road looking at a craft that was in no way shape or form anything I have seen before or since. It was huge, and it made no noise. We proceeded down the hill towards home and went back into the house. When we got into the house, my mother asked quite sternly where we both had been, and we both said we just came straight down the hill. She said that it had been well over an hour when my stepfather had gone up the hill to pick me up. We lived no more than 2 miles from my friend's house. We never reported it, but not long after that incident, My stepfather somehow developed a very serious and debilitating brain tumor and died three years later. The effects of the tumor started to a few days after we saw that craft. I do not know if this was somehow connected, but it did appear very strange when the right side of his body went dead and he started having seizures not long after our encounter. So, to whoever saw this same shaped craft, you are not alone, My stepfather and I saw it as well. And I believe something else might have happened to us. Although I have always been very healthy, I have the feeling that something else occured that day. For whoever wrote their encounter regarding the craft in Rochester back in 1979 - 1980, I hope that these people will share my contact info with you. It is because of what you wrote that compelled me to share my experience.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))