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Occurred : 8/18/2002 05:30 (Entered as : 8/18/02 0530)
Reported: 8/19/2002 6:58:50 PM 18:58
Posted: 8/28/2002
Location: Fort Morgan (west of), CO
Shape: Light
Duration:10 sec
While travelling northeasterly on Interstate hiway 29 (enroute from Denver to Nebraska, at approx. 5:30 am on Sunday Aug 18, 2002, I observed a blue lite in the nite sky (dawn was just approaching) ahead of me and to the north of the interstate hiway.

At first I thought it was atop a radio tower (although I must admit I have never seen a blue lite on a tower before). Within a second or two I observed what I initially thought was a second blue light, but in fact what I was seeing was the original blue lite moving rapidly to the southwest roughly parallel with the interstate hiway. Although it isw impossible to accurately guage distances without a benchmark it is my estimate that the blue lite was not more than 10 miles north of the interstate at an altitude of approximately 1000 ft. I had this lite in my view for approximately 8-10 seconds and saw it move at a speed that I believe was in excess of 500 mph. I was driving northeasterly on the interstate at approx 80 mph so the lite and my car were more or less passing each other in opposite directions. I called my wife's attention to the lite (she was a front seat passenger) and she was able to see the lite momentarily by looking over her shoulder through the back window of the car (something I could not do as a driver) She saw the lite for only an instant before it disappeared into the west.

All of these events took place approximately opposite the Colorado DOT truck inspection station on the south side of the interstate several miles west of Ft. Morgan Colo. I am convinced that the blue lite that I saw was not on an aircraft given its speed of movement and its relatively lo altitude. In fact I have never seen an aircraft display a blue lite while in flight.I don't have a lot else to add to this report, but would be happy to answer additional questions if someone wishes to call me.

((NUFORC Note: Report is confusing. Witness indicates Ft. Morgan, "DC," and Nebraska. We have amended the report to reflect a location in Colorado. PD))