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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/15/1982 22:00 (Entered as : Fall, 1982 22:00)
Reported: 8/19/2002 7:50:19 PM 19:50
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Eidson, TN
Shape: Chevron
Duration:4 hours or more
We saw multicolored lights in the night sky in Eidson TN in fall 1982 that were the shape of a football-field-size parallelogram.

Having 5 kids and a small 3-room house, to gain a little peace of mind, my mother would allow me and my brother, the two eldest, play outside after dark on warm nights. In the fall of 1982, in Eidson, Tennessee, while playing hide and go seek outside in the dark, my brother (11) and I (10) saw a large group of round, multicolored lights in the sky that seemed to hover over a nearby moutain top. My brother ran inside and told my mother who came outside after him while I "kept an eye" on the strange lights. The three of us stared up at the lights while my stepfather and other siblings looked out the front door. My mother decided the three of us would try to get a closer look while my stepfather stayed behind with the younger children.

We hurried down the gravel road that ran beside our house to the base of the mountain. We wanted to get a closer look before the lights should disappear. At the base of the mountain, we saw two of our neighbors, a boy and his father. They had spotted the strange lights in the sky, too. They had flashlights and apparently had the same idea as we had of getting a closer look at the strange lights. We all hurried together through trees and underbrush full of stickers to the top of the mountain.

What we saw straight above our heads was a cluster of multicolored lights that weren't set in any apparent color pattern. We were quiet and way out in the country, and the only sound we heard was crickets nearby, no unnatural noise such as an engine or anything else manmade. We all stared upward, wondering what exactly we seeing. The lights seemed to be of one craft. The craft must have been quite a distance up because the flashlights fell on nothing when we shined them in the direction of the lights. There were no stars or moon out that night; the sky and our surroundings were pitch black, so we saw nothing except the strange lights in the sky and whatever our flashlights illuminated. The lights seemed to roughly form the shape of a parallelogram. The craft seemed to be gigantic as the lights extended far across the sky directly above us, maybe as long as a football field. The lights didn't move or twinkle. They were red, yellow, blue, orange and white. The lights didn't just form a rough outline of the craft, they were all over it.

Since it didn't move or make any sound, and it was getting late, we all decided to go back to our homes. Naturally none of us had any film in our cameras, and the nearest store was 30 miles away and probably not open that late anyway. We peeked at it a few times out our windows before settling into bed and finally falling asleep. In the morning, of course, the lights were gone.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. We have assigned an arbitrary date of September 15, 1982, so that the report posts to that year. Location of sighting appears to be Eidson, TN, but may be Edison, TN. We can find neither in our mapbook. PD))