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Occurred : 8/22/2002 22:50 (Entered as : 08/22/02 22:50)
Reported: 8/24/2002 7:58:45 PM 19:58
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Williamstown/Hammonton, NJ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 minutes
Multiple Triangle crafts spotted on the Atlantic City Expressway

My mother and I were driving to the shore this evening. We were traveling on the Atlantic City Expressway headed towards Atlantic City. We started out about 10pm at the Walt Whitman Bridge, and around 10:25pm or so, we had just passed the Williamstown exit. The road conditions were excellent, dry. The sky was illuminated with a full moon and a slight haze of clouds behind us in the west, but clear skies north/south and east. There was no fog, fires or anything else in the sky to obstruct our view. As we are chatting I notice straight ahead about 2 miles and about 15 degrees off to the right of the highway, a very large object which looked more like a stick since the distance made it impossible to distinguish anything from it in the sky, appears to be 2 football fields wide, no more than 3/4 to a mile up with only three lights apparent, and not bright lights either, a dull yellow/gray. One on each end and one in the center. As we were looking at this for about a minute, it starts to bank hard to its' left which is south- the banking of the lights was greater than 90 degrees and it was heading lower as well. We lost it very quickly in the treeline which lines most of the highway so I reduced my speed from about 65mph to about 40 and headed to the right lane. As we are waiting for the tree line to break a bit so we can look further south, a full minute goes by and then the trees start to break up. Within a few seconds, the tree line breaks up for a solid mile and as we look to the south, we see more objects. This time there are at least two, possible three objects with slightly brighter lights of the yellow gray color, but again only 3 lights per object but we can only clearly see 8 lights. They are hovering about a mile from the highway in a field, one had a downlight beam of gray/white, the other one or two didn't. We still at this point could not make out any shapes, but they were definitely closer, definitely lower to the ground, maybe only 500 feet from the earth. They seemed to be abou! t half t he size each of the large first object we saw. There was no noise from the area. There was no sign of the large object we had seen. I am slowing the car at this point and am half in the shoulder, only traveling about 20mph now, getting ready to stop the car. The treeline starts cutting in and out again at this point. We are still trying to gain more of a glimpse of these objects when we both notice something flying towards us, it was the lights we noticed again first, this time a dark grayish color, about 500-1000 feet up and about 1/4 mile away. Within a second it is flying over the treeline and looking up as it is about to go over the car and highway we can clearly see what it is. They are two triangular shaped crafts, with a light on each point. They are dark gray in color, but clearly visible in a full moon medium blue sky. They are perfect equilateral triangles and there are two. They are both flying point first, appear to be only about 1000 feet above us, no noise, the dull lights on, flying neck and neck and appear to be about the size of a Lear jet. We watch as they cross over the car, and the highway. They were flying due north towards us, but as they approaced the car seemed to have shifted course every so slightly as if they were flying to Seaside Heights area versus Central New Jersey. They are not flying all that quickly at this point, no faster than a jet in landing mode. But as they get about 1000 feet away from the highway, they just zip away, leaving no trails, but the three lights virtually disappear in an instant. This is the biggest thrill of my life. I am going to head back that way tomorrow since it is only about 45 minutes from my house with a camera to see what happens. I will keep you posted either way. I did contact two local news stations, neither seemed too interested. I had to wait to come back home to post this since no puter at the shorehouse. Observed 8/22/02, posted 8/24/02, revisit 8/25/02