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Occurred : 8/31/2002 23:30 (Entered as : 08/31/02 23:30)
Reported: 9/1/2002 1:35:01 PM 13:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Newark, NJ
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 sec
I live in Kearny, NJ. Yesterday me and my wife saw something which we could not classify as an ordinary event. About 11.30 PM I came to kitchen to take a coke from refrigirator. The light in the room was of but I did not turn it on because I came only for short time. Since it was dark in the room the light object suddenly appeared in the window has drawn my attention. It was disk-shaped brightely lightened object flying in the sky. It came out from behind of the tree and crossed the part of the sky visible from our window and disappeared behind the building. Astimating the distance I would say it was about 3-5 miles away from my place so it was located above the Newark or North Newark. The object was heading west or north-west and was moving fast enough. I can not judge the object's size but can assume it was same or larger than passanger aircraft. It was flying below the clouds. Totally I have observed it about 10-15 seconds. Once I saw it I called my wife which was just in the next room. She also saw the same object but for less time. We are absolutely sure the object was real. Both of us saw exactly same picture. I don't know whether this information has any value, but we were so amazed. I just want to share this information with someone who could find it interesting.


Dear Peter,

Thank you for your response. Yes, both my wife and I are Russians. Here, in USA, we are in ((graduate)) training. Both of us are ((subject deleted--biological science, generally)) and ((credentials deleted)). So, probably you can assume we are serious people and scientists. I would like to assure you there is no joke or kidding in my report. We are absolutely positive in our UFO sighting experience. It was a really solid, material object of distinct disc-like shape, brightly lighted or fluorescent. It was not light spot, cloud,aircraft or something else. I can be mistaken only about object's size and distance of it. Of course I was trying to figure out some more realistic explanations of my sighting. My only guess it could be balloon (dirigible) which I saw once (about 3-4 months ago) in Newark vicinity. That time it was white balloon with blue HORIZON inscription on it. I believe it was advertising balloon. But, on August 31, the object was 11.30 PM and a balloon's pilot would be crazy to fly such vehicle at night. And, theobject which we saw was glaring very brightly and moving much faster than a balloon (but I assume slower than aircraft). About your supposition about Teterboro Airport, I would say that there is Newark International Airport much closer to our location. Aircraft frequently cross above our home and especially to east from it preparing for landing. So I am rather familiar with this stuff. But the object which we saw was flying absolutely quietly and didn't look like aircraft at all. Regarding your question on object's location, I can say it was moving to west from us (Ibelieve parallel 280 highway, away from NYC, heading Newark orBloomfield). I think it was crossing Passaic river so it was on open territory for some time thus probably it could be seen very well by many people. At the conclusion I can say that it was one of the weirdest things which I've ever seen. This is the only reason why I wanted to report this phenomenon. Regards, ((name deleted)).