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Occurred : 10/20/2002 (Entered as : 10/23/02)
Reported: 10/25/2002 2:09:31 AM 02:09
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Albany, NY
I don't know if anyone has reported this to you or not. But on October 23, FOX NEWS was reporting on the sniper shootings, and a camera man was covering something (I missed exactly what because of things goin on in the background of the house). But they showed the footage that the camera person picked up, inadvertantly, on his camera. It was a long slender rectangular object with 4 jet engines, 2 on one end and two on the other end. The footage showed the strange craft as plain as day. Fox News reported that the footage was being sent to some national investigative agency.

I have since then searched the Fox News web site looking for the story about this, but have not been able to find it on their site. I have also e-mailed them to see if they would be following up on the story, and of course, I do not hear back from them.

Perhaps you can get in touch with them and get some answeres, if you are not already aware of this. If you find anything out on this, please let me know! I would not be the contact person in this case. You must contact FOX NEWS to find out more. But just in case you would like to e-mail me back, my info is below: ((name and e-address deleted))