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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/17/1999 23:00 (Entered as : 07/17/99 23:00)
Reported: 1/29/2003 10:17:32 AM 10:17
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Sandusky, OH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:30 min/ more
Police officers and one other person, see green/blue orb over Sandusky shoeline, 4 people see the same object.

In or around July 1999, I was working at a local news paper. I at the time was a prodution superviser,when a production worker, who live in a local high rise building in Sandusky, close to the lake, came to work very startled, and up set. I asked him whats up, becuse he wasn't acting his usual self? He said " I just seen something crazy". I ask what? He said while looking out his window before coming to work " I seen a green orb or strange light, over the lake, by Cedar Point". I asked him what was it doing? He replied " it just seemed like it was hovering over the water, and then going into the water, real fast and darting around the area of the by Damon's ( a local resturant ). I was kind of freaked out by what he told me, but I had prodution to run that night, but I did talk more to him at the end of the news paper run. I asked him if anyone eles had seen this object? He then told me " look I was froze with fear, it was big, someone eles must have seen it. I was under the impression the man was in some sort of shock, but I knew this guy , and I beleive he was creditable. I thought to myself, maybe he seen something that was explainable. I went home that morning ( Sunday ), and told my wife. She just thought I was crazy, and it was some sort of made up story by this certain person. On Monday, the next day. I seen this production worker again, he was at his second job, being a resturant cook, across from the news paper where we both worked. I said to him seen anything strange last night? He then got this look on his face, and said " look I know it sounds weird, but I am not lying, I seen something crazy, and I can't get it out of my head". Me, being his boss, and trying to get my own grip on his story, I told him to deal with it, your a big boy. I myself have never seen anything that I couldn't explain, but this person had me wondering? That evening I was at my home, also in Sandusky, my wife came home after work, with this look of dispare on her face. I asked what's wrong, are you sick? She then kept! saying to me " It's real, your right something is out there". I said to her what are you talking about? She then went on to tell me about, this woman she works with at her office, who's husband is a police officer in Sandusky, receive a call Saturday night about something on the shore of the lake, by Battery Park. I said to my wife, what happened? She said, her friends husband, and two other police officer's went to the shore to investigate something on the shore. Two officers went down on the shoreline with flash light to see what was the matter, the other officer stayed up top of the shoreline. At this time, my wife's friends husband, radio the station to say that there was nothing on shore an that the three officers where going back to their car's. As the two officers climbed up the shoeline, the officer up top,said look what is that! As the other two officers looked around, and said to the officer up top of the shoreline, what? The three Sandusky police officers seen a green/blueish object off shore, and it seemed to be hovering or sitting on top on the lake. To say the least, these three officers were shaken, and radio to the station franticly about what they were seeing off shore, right now. I said to my wife, who was still in some sort of ( I can't beleive it's true ) type of demeanor,what happened next. She said the officers got the hell out of there quick! She said it shook up the three officers so much, when they told there watch commander, they were up set with what they had seen, their watch commander, or the chief of police made all take 3 day's off from work. I couldn't beleive what I was hearing. My wife a church going ( non-beleiver, of the paranormal and ufo stuff ) was acting like the world was going to end. I said I wanted to talk with her freiends husband, I had known him for years, and ask him about what he and the other officers had seen that night. My wife with no hesitation said no, he was scared and told his wife " I just want to forget it". I ask my wife, what does your friend at the office say about her husbands incident? She said her friend was scared, and had never seen her husband act like that, and that what those officers had seen was real.

With an incident like that, and credible wittness like these 4 people, I must admit, something must of had happen that night…

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))