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Occurred : 7/15/1965 21:00 (Entered as : 07/15/65 21:00)
Reported: 2/1/2003 6:36:26 PM 18:36
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Whitesburg, KY
Shape: Light
Duration:45 min
Lights and sounds on the ground and several strange lights in a cluster

A friend and I were traveling South on us route 119 near Whitesburg, KY. We observed A red glow ahead. About one mile later we were directly opposit the glow. This is steep mountainous terrain and we were at river level and the glow was on the mountain, which was probably 800 feet high. The glow appeare to be along the top of the ridge line and appeared to be 200 to 300 feet wide. It extended down the side of the mountain for approximately 1/3 of the way to the bottom, which would be approximately 300 feet. It didn't illuminate anything but was a vivid soft red glow. At times there were white lights, about the size and brilliance of the brightest stars; and they would move around the edge of the glow. At times we could hear what sounded like human voices buy could not distinguish words; also, we heard what sounded like metal pounding on metal. At one point a powerful spotlight illuminated us briefly and just a small area around us. The beam came from the top which would have been about 1000 feet.

My friend wanted to go into Whitesburg, about 2 miles, and get a friend of ours, who was an attorney, to see what we were looking at. By the time we got back the glow was not as vivid and if I remember correctly we did not hear anymore sound. The glow just kept getting dimmer. Many cars came by and inquired as to what we were looking at. The next day my friend and I traveled to the top of the ridge to see if there were any signs of the activity there were none. It was very rough terrain with many huge boulders and heavily wooded. In order to get to the scene we had to travel a short distance north, cross the river on the highway bridge and walk down a railroas track for about 300 yards to go straight up the hill to the area. After getting back to the railroad track we met a young man who live nearby, about 12 to 15 years old, who had a rifle on his shoulder. We told him what we had seen and was trying to figuer out what it was. He said he knew what it was, a flying saucer.

I was a ((employment deleted--federal employee)) at the time and my friend was a Whitesburg business man. The young fellow mentioned above is now, and has been for many years, an attorney practicing in Whitesburg, KY. I happen to meet him several years later, after he became an attorney, and mentioned the scene to him. He told me that at the time we met him on the railroad he was very scared becaus he thought we were from the saucer.

Within about one month of this occurence we were traveling toward Whitesburg again, at approximately 10:00 p.m. About a mile closer to Whitesburg one of us spotted strange lights high in the sky, about 80 deg. above the horizion. Due to the movement they couldn't be counted but it looked like 12 to 15 objects. They looked like a very bright stars and was dancing around each other, in an area a little larger than a full moon, very rapidly. In a very short time one started to expand and became slightly larger than fell moon. That was scary because when it started expanding I felt it was going to engulf everything. When it got to the maximun size it appeare that molten material, of the same starlight intensity, was dripping from the edge. While this was going on the small lights were dancing around the large object. This sight also disappeared gradually in the same area. I don't know if anyone else saw this or not.

We became avid saucer watchers after this. We would travel to the top on some of our mountains where we had an unobstructed in every direction and spent many hours trying to something else. We never did. I can give names, addresses & phone numbers to legimate persons if they are interested.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. We will invite the witness to have the attorney submit a report, as well. PD))