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Occurred : 7/14/1999 04:30 (Entered as : 07/14/1999 04:30)
Reported: 2/9/2003 11:46:52 AM 11:46
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Otter Lake (Canada), PQ
Shape: Disk
While I with girlfriend and her two children, a boy and girl aged 6 and 7 years, were camping at an abondoned old lumbercamp about a four hour drive north west of Ottawa called the Osburn Depot. We were at least 70 miles away from Otter Lake the nearest town, phones and electicity. We had met a few fishermen on our way about 30 miles before we arived at our destination, as far as we know there was no one else near us.

We loved being away from the civialization We were having a great time, we we really roughing it, and enjoyed being away from it all. No bright lights or noise for miles away, a break from it all. The weather was beautiful it was warm and clear, not a cloud in the sky. We swam and fished in the deep water of the John Bull Creek, and gathered firewood for our second night.

After putting the kids to sleep in the tent around 11:30 my girlfriend, Gail and I returned to the campfire and sat together talking, and watching the fire. After a few hours we noticed just how clear a night it was and decided to move away from the fire in order to look at the stars. We walked to a nearby shoddy bridge about 30 ft. from our tent and looked towards the heavens. The sky full of stars, galaxies, and planets and the occational jet or satelite streaked across the sky. We knew morning was comming because in the east you could see the sky starting to brighten. The loons started to sing, a sure sign of daybreak.

In the eatly morning hours just before day break things started getting weird. I noticed a strange looking light far off in the distance unlike anything eles I ever had seen it seemed to be zig-zaging, so I pointed it out to Gail. It seemed very far away but as we focused on it, we noticed it was comming towards us. It seemed unbelivable it was heading straight for us. I even made a half-hearted joke to Gail about it being a U.F.O but soon we realized it was no joke.

I never belived it posible but as we watched suddenly it was 200-300 ft. away it was large and super reflective with lights all around its outer edge that change colors from a deep red to a light yellow in a circular patern and a bright glowing ball on the center of its bottom. It made no noise. It lit the sky around it. I put my hand to my face and could not belive my eyes. Myself and Gail were terified, We were afraid to run and by the size of it, running seemed pointless. Then we noticed futher off on the right and left of the first ship further of there were two more. the sky was yellowish red and you could see the outline of the trees they were behind. We just sat there and looked at it not really knowing what to do. So we did nothing.

Next thing we know they are gone, it is no longer daybreak. The sky is dark the loons are no longer singing it is 1:00 A.M. again. We return to the tent and sit by the fire and try and figure out what had happened but for some unknown reason we are not frighted and want to leave we decided to wait until morning. We start to drift of to sleep near the fire and are suddenly awakend by a loud growl/hiss and the ground trembled under us. I awake and grab my shot-gun and take a shot in the darkness.

Whatever it was was gone, it made no noise leaving. It may of been bear but a bear makes noise when running in deep wood.

Needless to say we left, the Osburn Depot and the John Bull Creek never to return again.

we may never know what we say or heard that night but one thing i know there are more thing out there than I will ever know,,,or want to.