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Occurred : 4/4/2003 22:00 (Entered as : 04/04/03 22:00)
Reported: 4/5/2003 5:57:01 PM 17:57
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Concord, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 min.
its color was bright orange and it was round It moved slow and would stop and hover then it started dropping things

Last night two friends and I were on our way to a party, I was Sitting in the back seat, My friend V in the drivers seat, and my friend D in the passengers seat.

We were driving down the road just talking about the night when all of a sudden V swerved off the road into a parking lot, he was all excited and his voice sounded a bit spooked. He told us to look up into the sky, the was a bright orange circular object flying in the left hand side of the sky. it was the color of fire. this thing wasn't flying like any plane or hellicopter i have ever seen, it was almost hovering, then it would move a bit, kind of like a real slow leaf. We reversed out of the parking lot, we wanted to get away from the buildings so that we could get a better look at this thing. as we were backing up it faded then dissapeared. We drove down the road next to the parking lot hoping to see something more. We drove all the way to the end of the dead end road and turned around all of us staring at the sky. there were buildings on both sides of us but still we had a better view of the sky than just a few minutes before. So we drove slowley back taword the main Street when all of a sudden i see the ufo again, i could see it in between the buildings as we were driving. So V the driver stops and backs up fast, We all see this thing again, he puts the car in park and we all jump out. The thing looked to me that it re-appeared a little more to the left of the sky, i was thinking that no plane could fly that far so quik then just stop and hover.

Then the object slowley started flying towards the right hand side of the sky, all of us were trippen out. My friend V pulled out his phone and began calling a few friends. He was talking Loud and fast telling them "Oh My God, Dude go outside and look at the sky, we are looking at a ufo right now" I tryed to get ahold of anyone at my Parents house but nobody was Picking up there phones. So i then called My girl Friend who lives Four hours away from me, i told her what i was seeing, she could hear My friends in the background freaking out.

All of a sudden i noticed something falling from the ufo, i said to my friends " oh my god! look, its dropping something", It started dropping big bright orange flame looking things from the bottom of it. It looked to me almost like Sparks from a camp fire but real big. it would drop 4 to 6 of these spark looking things at a time then stop for a second and then continue on dropping things, The Sparks were almost the same size as the ufo. I thought to myself "would if its appart of the war going on right now?" i started freaking myself out in my head. The Ufo kept flying and dropping things from it, all the way untill it got to the right hand side of the sky.

it then began to fade or dissapear, almost like it flew away so fast it just kinda faded, then a few short second past and it re- appeard, this time it wasnt as bright i dont think, i saw it out of the corner of my left eye, while my eyes were focused about two inches to the right, while i saw that by the corner of my eyes i was focused on another light that appeared, that new light looked just like a star just brighter, it dropped one white shimmering star looking thing, it shot toward the ground and then faded. It looked like one shiney strand of christmas tree tinsel.

that was the last we saw. We continued to the party, the party took place in the back yard of some guy i have never met. the were all drinking and standing around a home made pit fire. The color of the fire was the same color of the ufo we had seen just a few minutes before. We told our story to people and they just laughed and said stuff like "yea, right on" and " yea right" but when they heard the story from one of us and then went to the other to hear the story.. i think they started to believ cause our storys were the same.

thats what happend last night.

sorry for all the bad spelling.