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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/4/2003 06:00 (Entered as : 04/04/03 6 am)
Reported: 4/7/2003 3:24:34 PM 15:24
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 seconds or less
The objects appeared in the photo, after I "took away" the darkness of the sky.

I took this photo, of the sky before sunrise, cause I like to take sunrise and pre sunrise photos. I used the flash on my camera, and noticed some white spots that showed up, on the film, even though I couldn't see the white circles or spots with the naked eye.

I took the digital photo into Photoshop 6, a software program, adjusted the brightness and contrast, which I normally do to a lot of photos, and all these circles showed up.

I think they're just stars, but, my mother has been after me to send these photos into you guys.

So, what do you think, just stars that showed up after I lightened the digital image?

((NUFORC Note: We have reviewed the photos, and they do not appear to be UFO-related to us. We suspect that the flash illuminated dust particles, or else there are water droplets on the lense of the camera. PD))