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Occurred : 4/11/2003 15:40 (Entered as : 041103 15:40)
Reported: 4/13/2003 6:31:28 PM 18:31
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Stockholm (Sweden),
Shape: Disk
Duration:40-60 seconds
Me and my girlfriend saw a disc hovering over housing area in Stockholm, got about 3 sec on film.

My girlfriend and me was about to eat lunch when she saw a disc shaped thing hovering over a housing area in Stockholm, It stood still for a few seconds and moved rapidly to another spot to hover again. I grabbed my digital camera to record this strange behaving object. Unfortunately I only got about 3 seconds on film, due to my aged camera. I have never seen anything moving so fast nor hovering at such precision, we are to this day puzzled over what we saw. It was an amazing sight! I uploaded the movie at my personal homepage:

((NUFORC Note: We have viewed the video clip, which shows a disc-shaped object hovering over a populated shoreline, then suddenly banking toward the camera and accelerating very rapidly to the left. The rocking of the boat, from which the video apparently was taken, helps provide some reference for the acceleration of the object. PD))