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Occurred : 4/12/2003 20:30 (Entered as : 04/12/03 20:30)
Reported: 4/14/2003 11:29:59 AM 11:29
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Pensacola, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:1 minute
I thought it may be a satellite, but now I don't know because of the way the light it emitted just simply turned off.

On Saturday night, April 12, 2003 between the hours of 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM, I was on the (Pensacola side) fishing bay bridge at pillar marker 44 just before the so called "hump". I was facing directly due East with the half to almost 3/4 moon brilliantly shining at an angle between 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock in the sky, and looking due south, the moon was brilliantly shining at an angle slightly beyond 12 o'clock. While looking directly due east, I noticed a large star like object between 22 degrees to 30 degrees above the eastern horizon, and the object appeared to be located near Navare or Fort Walton. It was flickering like a star changing to different colors of red, green, and blue. My first thoughts was UFO because the lights were changing in a timely color pattern. I was wondering if I was the only person out of about a hundred people who were fishing on the bridge that night who may have seen what I saw, so I decided to briefly of less than one second to shined my flood spot light directly towards the object so people might notice the flood beam and gazes towards the direction I saw the object in the sky. The floodlight's beam could not reach the object I saw in the sky. Since the object didn't move and it appeared to be stationary, I decided that the object I was seeing was just a large star or planet since some stars or planets do flicker and shine similar in ways of the object I saw. But the object just described is not the main reason why I wrote this account. It is what happened briefly two to three minutes after shining the flood light at the object (star). Still facing directly east, I notice another object coming directly from either the north or northeast at an angle of 45 degrees above the eastern horizon heading south. This object appeared to be only 3 miles or less away from my position or 1/8 the distant from the fishing bridge to the midway bridge. This object was also moving at the speed of a satellite and as bright as of the brightest of all satellites, bu! t this object seem very low in orbit for I seen satellite traversing the skies in the past. But still this is not the main reason why I wrote this account. What really caught my attention was the fact while I was watching what I thought was a satellite traversing the sky, the object's (satellite?) light just turned off like somebody flick the light switch to the off position once it past my two o'clock angle. The object's light just didn't dim and fade away like other satellites I seen in my past. Just about 1 mile before entering Gulf Breeze area, this object just instantly stopped shining its lights. I seen meteorite's in my past, and those meteorites had always left behind what I call a trailing light. The second object I saw didn't have this trailing light for like I said, it originally look like a satellite. What occurred about 5 to 10 minutes after that event seems interesting too. I saw three aircraft in the sky. One aircraft was a passenger airliner landing at Pensacola's airport which seem to have zillions of lights on it. The other two aircraft might have been military, and I know they were aircrafts because they had their identification lights flicking off and on. Those two other aircrafts were zigzagging all over the skies as thou searching for something, but they never ventured into the area where I saw that second object where it just disappear in a blink of an eye after viewing it for at least 30 second to a minute. Is it possible for satellites just to blink out or what I saw that night was truly a UFO cloaked as a satellite? I don't look for UFO's, and I am somewhat skeptical about UFO's and of most reports of them, but the night I saw this event got me somewhat thinking of what type of object it was that I saw traversing the night skies. Was it just a fluke incident of nature? I guess I'll never know, and what I wrote is exactly what I saw on the night of April 12, 2003.