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Occurred : 5/1/2003 22:42 (Entered as : 05-01-2003 10:42 pm)
Reported: 5/1/2003 11:02:35 PM 23:02
Posted: 5/2/2003
Location: Buena Park, CA
Shape: Sphere
05-01-2003 i have seen and notice theses round spheres of light above my home. there are 4 spheres of light that i could notice very will. they look as though the four spheres of light were about 2 to 3 feet around in size at the most. the one sphere of light was west of me where i stood. the other 2 spheres of light were north of me. and the last sphere of light was straight above my head and home roof. the colors of theses round 4 spheres of light were the color of white. also i also heard beeping sounds from one of the spheres of light as will to. ((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Witness describes self as having considerable technical background. PD))