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Occurred : 4/24/2003 21:55 (Entered as : 04/24/03 21:55 +)
Reported: 5/3/2003 10:46:40 PM 22:46
Posted: 5/9/2003
Location: Houston/Quick/Telkwa (Canada), BC
Shape: Sphere
Duration:different periods
Northern British Columbia Glowing Sphere In 3 Communities witnessed by 5 people.

Houston, Quick & Telkwa Date: April 24, 2003 Time: (starting at 10:55 p.m.) Local & Toll Free UFO Hotline Witnesses - 5 A little background on a sighting from July 29, 2002 first. The reason I brought up this shortened report again is, why so many sightings being seen around these areas. Military or government testing?, or a natural phenomena, or something else ! (Unknown). And there is certainly something taking place around here.

Last year over the Houston, Quick and Telkwa skies we had a rather large sighting which still has me baffled. As I and the Smithers Interior newspaper reported on the sighting after it happened, I soon found out that the story was growing by the day. The week after the sighting on July 29, 2002 if seems "dozens, upon dozens" of northern resident here in Houston, Telkwa and Smithers were witnessing military vehicles which were traveling highway #16 and on the back roads throughout the areas. Also I found it more than strange to find out a large amount of fixed winged aircraft and helicopters were flying so very low all around these communities, and keeping their flights at a very low level. Even I witnessed large transport aircraft flying back and forth from the north to the south.

After a night out for dinner at a close friends home, I arrived home to find two messages on my answer machine informing me that there was a great deal of aircraft activity taking place some 80 kilometers out the Morice River Road. (in the middle of no where). I was to meet up with one of the fellows who contacted me. So at 3:00 a.m. I took a trip in his logging truck so he could show me what he was talking about. Sure enough, just after 4:00 a.m. and still dark out, unknown lights were seen flying freely and low across the sky. In the opposite direction an aircraft was flying towards a light. After the two passed each other the "aircraft" made it's turn to follow the strange light.

A full week, and longer, two different logging contracting crews who were working in two separate areas. (or cut blocks) had observed numerous aircraft flying low up the Morice Valley, and low over the mountain peaks. (just so you know this would be dangerous to say the least due to the rugged terrain, but there they were looking for something, so witnesses said. Or at least in their opinion, that's what they all thought was going on.

Reports on the above sighting can be found at my website under British Columbia Sighting Reports.

Houston, B.C. (just west of) Now on April 24, 2003, starting at 10:55 p.m. two witnesses here in Houston, B.C. caught sight of a really interesting and strange light/object. At approx: 2 kilometers west of the town of Houston, just past the railway and highway #16 bridges these two folks saw in front of them a small glowing sphere shaped object almost sitting on highway #16 at the top of the hill they were about to head up. (HBCC UFO Note): To give you an better of where the witnesses were sitting when they spotted it. After traveling through Houston heading west, it is pretty flat ground with the Bulkley River winding along side the highway. At about 2 kms you would come to a blue bridge which crosses the Bulkley River, as one leaves the other end of the bridge you then start climbing a short, but steep hill heading in the direction of Quick, Telkwa and Smithers, B.C. The witness had just crossed the bridge when they caught sight of this light.) As they headed up the hill, or approx; half ways up, the light disappeared from their line of sight. Once they arrived at the crest of the hill, again they noted the light moving north (away from them), and flying almost straight, following highway 16 at a low altitude. They told me that it was not much more than 80 to 100 feet off the road. The witnesses were at the time traveling at a speed of approx: 80 to 90 k's per hour and the object was slowly pulling a head of them. They lost sight of it once again just before the Irrigation Lake turn off. (or close). The only reason the object disappeared from their vision was due to the tree line. (Plus curves and hills in their view). It was the last time they saw the object. The total time that they observed the event was approx: 20 to 30 seconds. The description that was given of the object, was that it appeared to be completely round, glowing, or for maybe a better word - pulsating. It was about the size of a small digital satellite dish from the distance they had to view it. The object made no sudden movements, such as to the right or left, it stayed on a straight flight path. They also said because of the distance they were from the light, they said there was no sound heard coming from it. Also at one point the object seemed to light up the center roadway markings. (solid white reflective center lines).

Thank you to the Houston residents for their welcomed report.

Quick, B.C. (Woodmere Road just off Highway #16) Date: April 24, 2003 Time: approx: 11:20 p.m.

On April 24, 2003 a farmer and his son out tending their cattle on a dairy farm at Quick, British Columbia. Both also witnessed the same object, or it seems to be. The son was hauling out manure from the barn with their tractor when he gave out a yell for his Dad to come out and look. When the Dad came out his son was pointing toward the western edge of their farm, and sitting at a dead stop just over top a group of evergreen and poplar trees, was a bright ball of white/yellowish light. They said no sound could be heard from it. HBCC UFO asked for an approx: size to this object. The reply was that is may have been close to the size of a full pick-up truck. Or as close as the witnesses could estimate. The object/light was closer to the Quick residents than the people driving just outside of Houston, B.C. which would have given them a closer view of the object, and this is why it looked larger. (in my estimation) The sighting lasted for approx: 10 to 15 seconds, before it started moving north towards the Telkwa/Smithers area. Both of these Quick residents lost sight of the light/object after it rose up slightly to get over a small hill in the distance. They said what ever it was seemed to take it's time and flew in a straight line to the west, but at a very low level before having to gain a little in altitude to make it over top a hill. ( I asked if any of the farm animals reacted to this event, both said no).

Telkwa, B.C. (Object observed over Tyhee Lake) Date: April 24, 2003 Time: approx: 11:45 p.m.

A fellow who resides in the Telkwa area was on his way home, he left highway #16 and drove along the Telkwa High Road. Just has he was adjacent with Tyhee Lake Provincial Park he observed a ball of light flying "erratically" low over the lake. The witness said the light/object was moving quite quickly and reminded him if it was out of control when it first caught his attention. He stopped his vehicle to watch, and wondered what he was looking at. It was low enough that it did cast it's light onto the lake below it. The man said he heard no sound, but I was told he did remain in his vehicle as the "thing" flew up the lake, moving from side to side, up and down, until it reached almost half way up the lake, then it veered off to the northeast towards the Babine Lake Provincial Park (or towards Granisle area) at a high rate of speed. (and clearing the mountain on the other side of the lake). He said is was so weird and all happened so fast, approx: 10 to 15 seconds at his guess. His estimation of the size of it was close to the size of a small car. The object was bright, and a off white in color.

The witness said if it wasn't for his wife telling him to call me, he would not have known who to contact, or if he would as it was so strange and he thought, who would believe me anyway ?? HBCC UFO Note: When I did my weekly radio UFO update show this past Thursday I asked area residents to call or write if anyone else had seen this event. Also I keep getting asked, why are there so many reports of unknown sightings coming from the pacific northwest here in British Columbia. Of course my reply is, I really do not know !!! I know with all the media attention I do get here, UFOs are a topic of discussion in the Saw Mill lunch rooms, area businesses and private homes. So when something is seen flying through the skies in northwest British Columbia, there is a good chance I will receive a call or email. But I do know, just in Houston, B.C. where I live, there have been a great number of UFO sightings gone unreported as I hear about one darn near once a week through a second hand party. I do not report on any of these as I have not talked with the witnesses who actually seen the unusual sight.

One more item I should also mention while I am here. I reported to you folks, and so did the media a while back on a major sighting which took place at Terrace, British Columbia, over Lake Elselake. Triangles had been seen flying low over, or around the lake. Finally I had a bit of a break through on this case and hope to have a full report on this soon. To be honest, I thought this may have been a hoax, but it is looking as if something really did take place over that area. What, well that is another question.

PS - If any more information on the above Houston/Quick/Telkwa sightings come in, I will certainly post all new information on this case. Plus I will be adding maps and photos to this case when I upload the reports to my website.

(There are no photos of the object in question, but rather area photos of the places the object was seen).

Take good care Director Brian Vike email: Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline - 1 866 262 1989 HBCC UFO Research New Site - Main Site (Moving)

((NUFORC Note: Our gratitude to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO, for sharing these reports with NUFORC. PD))