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Occurred : 5/2/2003 03:30 (Entered as : 05/02/03 3:30a.m.)
Reported: 5/5/2003 12:08:44 PM 12:08
Posted: 5/9/2003
Location: , IL
((NUFORC Note: We have requested additional reports from the other witnesses. None have been submitted, to the best of our knowledge. No location in Illinois is indicated by the witness. We question whether this is a serious report, but include it here, nevertheless, hoping other potential witnesses might submit reports. PD))

I need and explanation?

I am actually writing this on behalf of my sister. I almost feel somewhat stupid repeating this story. I was surfing the web trying to research what my sister and her friends described they saw to me. That is how I came across this website. O.k. well a couple of nights ago, my sister's friend had a bonfire party out at her house out in the country. There were approximately 15-20 kids there. They set up the bonfire in between the house and an adjacent field. The party winded down at around 2:45 in the morning. My sister who is 17, her friend E who is 17 also, and E's older sister A, who is 19, started to clean up. They drove their mom's van down to the fire, and loaded some chairs into it and brought it up to the shed. They unloaded those, and shortly before getting into the van, my sister looked up toward the house and saw a figure standing a little off the drive-way by the house. She motioned to E to look at it. E asked my sister if that was Justin? a kid that had been at the party? They knew they were the only three left, so they got creeped out and hopped into the van. Once in the van, they looked back up towards the house, and the figure was gone. My sister described it as appearing to look like maybe it was a man, and it had lighter colored, or white clothing on. Once the van was started, they all convinced eachother, that the figure or person, was probably E's dad just checking up on them. They then headed back down towards the fire to resume cleaning. By this time it is approximatley 3:20 a.m. They headed up over the drive-way and into the grass, and down the hill towards the fire, which was still burning. E had her brights on and my sister was somewhat looking at the floor, when she heard A say, What the Hell is that? My sister looked up and saw what she describes as "frozen things." Figures or creatures or something in two seperate rows. She says maybe fifteen in each row, and 30 in all. She said they were approximately three feet to four feet tall. And! she said they were about fifteen feet away from them, directly in front of the car. She describes them as having a Christmas light head, and that the heads were connected to the body but she couldn't see how. She says their arms were up, but she couldn't see hands. She says they were stick like. Stick people she says, dark grey or brown in color. They didn't move. Not at all she says. She says they were just frozen in these two seperate rows. (Crazy, this is what I would lable this freekin story) My sister immediatley began to cry, and then both girls screamed for E to get the car moving. She peeled out and they headed to town. Now what they did next doesn't really matter. I kind of wish they would have come got me, but instead they drove around trying to think of things that the "things" could have been. Deer, Trees, Goats, Sheep, Bushes, but they knew that those weren't it. The girls drove around for a little over two hours until they finally got enough courage to go back. Mostly because the sun started to come out. They went back to the spot where they saw them, and there was nothing there. My sister came home that morning and told us the story. Now, I honestly don't believe in this ((deleted)). I don't believe in ghosts, I don't believe in aliens, or hell, or anything that can't be proven. So, I am looking for some logical answers. She is telling the truth. She hasn't been able to sleep, or eat, and when she told us what happened she could barley finsh the story because she was fighting back tears. To say that she was shaken up is an understatement. I am fucking pissed that this has happened to her, because she has finals over the next three weeks, and she can't sleep let alone concentrate. Does this make any sense, what I am saying. Like I said, I am looking for logical answers. I am not leaving my name, or her name, or any ones name. Because I don't want her labled as that "crazy girl." It seems like the only people that ever see these things are the crazy redneck familys that ! live in a trailor park, and are ((deleted)) uneducated and just plain retarded. So I guess that is why I don't want her name to be in this. I don't know how to end this novel that I have written, but I guess I would like your oppinion on what we have here. Please get back to me. Have I described something that has been seen before? Has there been other reports of anything like this in Illinois? Please let me know. For the record I am not crazy, nor is she. Thank You