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Occurred : 5/26/2003 20:30 (Entered as : 05/26/03 20:30)
Reported: 5/27/2003 9:37:23 PM 21:37
Posted: 6/3/2003
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 min
The only dissapointment of it all is i DIDDNT have my camcorder on me.

This was a weird experience and difficult to explain, but here it goes...My friends and I were sitting on the back porch of my friends apt complex. We noticed a stream of smoke coming from the ground up, from a Jet. From the angle of it, and how it was flying gave the impression of a missle being launched in the middle of the city...sounds stange but totally true. It looked like a missle being launched or a rocket, even the space shuttle. But it had to be just a jet flying over head?? Anyway, as we were sitting on my friends back porch talking about this, One of my fiends spotted a dark odject floating in the sky and moving right toward us, but way up high. And moving fast. Not real fast but fast. It seem as if it were being propelled by wind like a kite or a balloon,but is was moving very directly...this is hard to explain but thats how it was. The sun was setting at this time but there was still plenty of light. And this thing flew right over us.still way up high. at this point we were able to see that this thing looked like a large bat wing...kind of like Batmans bat jet from the movies. It was dark, solid, and had no lights on it at all. and it was silent. no sound at all could be heard from it. Stranger still is the we live in San antonio city, the whole city was awake and moving and I dont think anyone else in this whole city saw this incredibly amazing weird flying thing...just us.

((NUFORC Note: We will request that the witness have the other individuals who saw the object submit reports. PD))