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Occurred : 12/14/2000 00:30 (Entered as : 12/14/00 12:30)
Reported: 5/28/2003 12:54:53 PM 12:54
Posted: 6/3/2003
Location: Casablanca (Morocco),
Shape: Oval
Duration:less than a minute
One winter night, my Mom and I saw 3 oval-like ships moving in a strange way in the sky, for less than a minute.

It was 3 years ago but I stil remember it clearly. I was with my Mom on the terasse of our house, to watch the starts as we usually do in winter time -- Orion is my favorite constellation. I'm talking about this experience here for the first time officially. I did not know such a thing as your center existed before today, when I accidentally ended on your page. Well, so I was saying that I went out to watch the starts with my Mom, when -after 20 minutes of observing the sky- we both saw at the same time a sort of light, more intense than this of the stars, but not very neatly. My Mom asked me if I could have an idea on what it could be, but I couldn't answer, as I was realizing that this light we had just seen seemed to be getting closer and to move in a strange way, like no other planes or helicopters do -- and I know what I'm talking about, as I used to live next to an airport. My Mom's eyes and mine were stuck on the light, which gradually became a sort of oval-like ship. We also quickly realized that it was shortly followed by 2 others, smaller, but with the same radiance and the same abnormal movement. The whole phenomenon lasted for less than a minute, however I will never forget it. I couldn' believe it, but I had my Mom next who coul tell me that it really happened. We often talk about this speial night together, but only when we are the 2 of us - even my Dad don't want to hear about it. I hope I have found with you someone who will not judge so abruptly.

PS: I am sorry, my English is far from being fluent, but I hope you'll not have a hard time to understand the whole event.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))