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Occurred : 7/27/2002 14:00 (Entered as : 07/27/02 2 pm)
Reported: 6/16/2003 1:22:40 AM 01:22
Posted: 6/18/2003
Location: Wilmington, CA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:2 -3 min.
Two Billboard Crafts fly over yard party moments apart then turning and riseing out of site over LAX air space

This saturday was pretty special it's a birthday party with live music also about to play after the stage is finished so were standing in the yard of a corner lot were posibly a large house once stood now theres picnic tables about six mabe more with tarp roffes to keep the sun off the food on the tables at that time there was about fifty people there sitting at some of the eating bare tables helping set up the food people work on finishing the stage so we can preform outhers like myself I was stand- ing to the side in front of the stage listening to some old grand funk talkin with my band mates the closest building is our host apt. a two story small boxy lookin place It's a beautiful day and I'm looking north toward the foothills in the far- back ground just above the houses there I see the second story of my friends apt out pops this craft looks like a billboard but theres no plane pull in front it's mabe fifty feet mabe more just above the houses a thousand feet in front of me moveing accrost the sky slow mabe twenty miles per hour car speed i asked my friend do you see that not taking my eyes from it or even to blink it's moving east to west two blocks from PCH paralelling it then after about a thousand feet or more but still very much in sight it turns Ninety degrees heads north the turn so fast i saw trails it was so fast no i can see the top both sides the sides are rectangular square on both sides it comes to a point like an Capitol A I can see its under belly between the two bill board conductors of light this thing looking at the side was gray to black fadeing from gray to black It was hard to focus on it i was pretty scard that it might turn and come tward us but as the first one was still traveling pretty slow It was going up at about ten degrees I could see the top edge the long side pannels and the craft between the pannels A in shape from the back view as it flew up at that angle it had a black very black curved under belly About the same way the Capitol letter A has the line crossing and the rest of the craft was silver or white now just as the first craft was just out of sight high in the sky the second one the same place and turns at the same area the first one turned all in about two min.time