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Occurred : 11/15/1986 21:00 (Entered as : 11/15/86 21:00)
Reported: 6/16/2003 7:51:03 AM 07:51
Posted: 6/18/2003
Location: Savannah, GA
Shape: Light
Duration:3 to 5 minutes
I saw a "star" that moved about in a very strange, rapid manner the night sky over Savannah, Georgia late in 1986

One cold night in November of 1986, I had gone to the roof of my dorm building in Savannah, Georgia (When I was a student at Savannah College of Art and Design there) to sit back, away from the din of noise of other students inside the building below me, to listen to a cassette tape of music and just look at the stars as I had often done.

I hadn't been there but a couple of minutes when I saw what looked like the most amazing meteor entering the atmosphere. It was very bright and distinct and traveled from east to west almost traversing the entire sky. When it got to the far western region of the sky it began to dim and then it did something I wasn't ready for, it stopped cold.

At first I thought I had lost it behind a bright star or that my eyes had picked up a star instead. And then the "star" moved again. From an absolute stopped point, it streaked from it's resting point in the west to a point up and behind my head in the south (I was sitting facing due north). At this point I had to sit up and had turned my head to follow this "Star" as I had not been prepared for this event.

Amazingly, right after stopping for about a count of 3 to 5 seconds, the "star" moved very abruptly from it's position in the south to one to the far north eastern sky and stopped again. At this point I remember thinking that this wasn't right. Stars don't do this. It was new to me to ever see anything like this and I don't think I was aware yet that I was seeing a UFO as it were, I just was so blown away.

After a few moments where it was, the "star" shot off to the south again aand was gone.

I was so blown away that I just sort of slumped back down and lay there stunned. I actually remember feeling very scared and felt like I wasn't supposed to have seen that or something. People always say that they want to see a UFO and it had never occurred to me that it would scare the crap out of me. I was so scared, lying there exposed on that rooftop, that I remember I couldn't move for what seemed like a long time. It may have just been minutes, but it seemed like a very long time. A deer in the headlights effect I guess.

I finally got my wits together and left the roof very rapidly and went inside to tell my friends what I saw. The most frustrating thing about it was that I had been alone and that every single person looked at me with this very condescending smile that made me very angry. I wish anybody else could have seen this amazing thing.

I don't now what I saw but I do know that it wasn't birds in the night lights, or a jet, or anything I have ever seen before or since. It moved very fast and in a way that made no sense. It went from absolute still to absolute motion across the sky in a moment, and stopped just as fast.

Whatever it was, either we have very amazing machines in thhis world that no one knows about or it was something else. But it was something and it was real.

In some ways I hope I never see anything like it again. It makes one feel very small.

I hope that thsi report isn't too old or anything but it was an amazing thing to see and I felt compelled to tell you this.

((NUFORC Note: Date of incident is approximate. PD))