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Occurred : 11/10/2001 15:00 (Entered as : 11/10/01 1500hrs)
Reported: 6/16/2003 7:40:34 AM 07:40
Posted: 6/18/2003
Location: Arvada, CO
Shape: Oval
Duration:30 seconds or so
Daylight disc , Jeffco Colorado , 2001

In the fall of 2001 , my elderly father and I were attending a high-school football playoff game on a bright late-fall Sunday afternoon at the beautiful North Jeffco stadium , nestled right against the foothills of the Colorado front range . At one point , a jet roared overhead , and many spectators immediately looked up ( a not-unusual reaction immediately following the 9/11 debacle ! ) and saw a 757 heading west at about 5000 ft. altitude . Everyone looked back down to the action on the field...and my father goes " What the hell is THAT ? " . I looked back up , and on a south to north heading , at a hieght of no more than a thousand or so feet , a small , oval or egg shaped , brightly reflecting silver object was zipping at a good clip , disappearing to the north in a matter of less than half a minute . My Dad was in WWII , well versed in estimating distance , speed , and aircraft identification , and I have been an aircraft watcher and fan for over 35 years.......and niether of us have ever seen anything to compare with the high speed or odd shape of this problematical object .

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate. PD))