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Occurred : 1/30/1995 06:35 (Entered as : 01/30/1995 06:35am)
Reported: 6/16/2003 7:56:44 PM 19:56
Posted: 6/18/2003
Location: Elbridge, NY
Shape: Other
Duration:3-4 minutes
copper colored-top shaped UFO sighted in elbridge,ny

here's my UFOstory. on january 30th,1995 i was in my car,on my way to work at SUNY of Environmental Science and Forestry(state college) in Syracuse,ny(central ny). i was working a 6 month data wiring contract there. About 6:35AM i had just passed outside the village of elbridge,ny on rte 5,approaching the hill going towards camillus,ny. i approached some high power lines going across the road (near pirro brother's ford dealership,feeks rd) and i see a large object between the 3 suspended wires. at first i thought it was a large balloon craft,but there was no basket attached. i looked at it trying to figure out what it was? my mind was searching for a familiar object to answer my question. as i got closer to it,i discovered that the object was a "PERFECT TOP" shape(like a kid's top) and it was a beautiful copper color like polished copper pipe. to give you a idea of the size,stretch your arm out directly in front of yourself and spread your fingers out wide. it was as tall in the sky as the distance between your pinky to your thumb(8-9"high). i estimate the distance away, at 1 mile, and a about half mile high to the right and away from route,it was quite large. size was very hard to judge because there were no wheels,antennae,pipes,etc,it was just a "DIVINE SHAPE",a perfect example of "SACRED GEOMETRY". the most divine thing i've ever seen. then,my mind continued inquiring"WHAT IS IT?" then,the hair on the back of my neck started to stand on end. "OH MY GOD,IT"S A UFO"!. this is a very creepy feeling to look at something that big in front of you and not know what it is. it's very twilight zonish.then my mind said ,"duh!,that's why they call them"UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS". at that moment i realized the very "meaning" of those words. i didn't know if it was a craft,an entity or what.i continued to drive up the hill.looking back and to the right and seeing it. i felt safer driving and watching it,i didn't feel good about stopping the car and getting out and looking at it,i think i ! was worried about getting beamed onboard. another unusual thing was it was perfectly "still" in the sky,it did not move an iota. anything manmade moves in the sky.this was strange also,i was the only one on the highway that saw it,i kept looking to see if anyone else stopped or slowed down. there were cars ahead of me and behind me on both sides of the road. NO ONE ELSE SAW IT ! . i got farther down the road to route 690 and finally got to work. i couldn't wait to tell my 4-5 co-workers i knew i could trust in confidence. when i walked in to the office we had a group meeting,with 25-30 guys,so i couldn't say anything immediately,there were too many guys. during the meeting a "bizarre" thing happened to my memory. I COMPLETELY FORGOT THE UFO AND DIDN"T REMEMBER IT UNTIL APRIL !5TH. my mind went completely blank for 2 and a half months! On april 15th,i was home watching "unsolved mysteries" and all of a sudden it "clicked in",i told my nephew jim that i had seen a large MOTHERSHIP and had never told anyone! i couldn't believe i had forgotten it for 2 and a half months! i called the state police and reported it,also i wanted to know if anyone else had seen it. no one had. i also called a lady(an abductee) in syracuse that took UFO REPORTS. she told me that my memory lapse was completely normal and that it happens all the time. i didn't have any "missing time" that i'm aware of. this is not the end of the story. in october of 1999 i met a clairvoyant in border's bookstore in syracuse,she had just recently written a book on future incarnations called"sparks through time". i went to her booksigning and the lecture i won a free clairvoyant reading from her. i told her i would call her at a later date after i figure out what i wanted to ask. i gave her no previous information. on december 13,1999 i called her and carefully phrased my questions. i asked if she could give me the significance of an incident that happened jan 30th 1995 at 6:35 AM in elbridge,ny. she contacted her guides and paused for a! few moments and then announced,"YOU HAVE BEEN SHOWN THE PRESENCE OF ALIENS!". i was completely flabbergasted,it was so absolutely true,it just blew my mind she said that! she had verified my experience. she also told me that this was my 3rd experience(i don't remember the 1st two,it may have happened when i was a kid).but,it was also not my last either,i have others coming up in the future. this is not the end of the story. in february of 2001,my artist friend jack and i went for a ride and retraced the original ride and area so that he could do a painting of the original UFO site. we took many pictures from different angles,i wanted him to capture what i actually saw that january 30th morning. i told jack let's take a ride to the area a mile away which would have been exactly and directly under the UFO. from route 5,we turned right on lynch rd,went about 3/4 of a mile to the " t " and turned right on to halfway rd(i had never been in this area before). i told jack the that the UFO was still a ways a way and the very next left and half mile up that road would be where the ufo would have been. as we approached the next road,a tingling sensation went up my back and jack's also.THE NEXT ROAD WE WE TURNING ONTO,WHERE THE UFO WAS, WAS"CAMPBELL" RD(my last name). the topped shape-UFO had hovered over CAMPBELL RD like a gigantic exclamation point pointing the way. jack and i took this as a major sign and and confirmation of what i saw. after i saw this,i never had any doubts about my "vision" and that i was supposed to see this as part of my spiritual growth. this story is the absolute truth as i know it. WE ARE NOT ALONE! harry