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Occurred : 7/15/1997 22:00 (Entered as : 07/??/97? 19-23:00)
Reported: 6/18/2003 1:24:37 AM 01:24
Posted: 6/18/2003
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:45 minutes
((NUFORC Note: One of two dramatic sighting reports, submitted by a person who identifies himself as a student in the fifth grade. In 1997, he would have to have been 5 or 6 years of age. Witness writes exceptionally well for a 5th grader, we feel. I compliment the Fayetteville, NC, K12 school district. PD))

Triangular craft followed on foot, and gray at my window. Seperate and presumably unrelated experiences

Hello Again.

I have decided to contact you about another of my past sightings. I never remember the exact dated, I probably should be writing them down, but at the time of the event I never seem to think about that, only wishing that I had a camcorder or decent camera to capture my experience. It was again in the summer, and later in the evening probably about 11:00 and my brother, and long time friend were outside looking at the night sky. Because the three of us have a history of being in the right place at the right time we often look for ufo's. Most of the time we go inside without any remarkable events, but sometimes we do see something we can't explain. Most of the things I've seen were just odd lights behaving oddly, and could be anything really. But this one time it was definately a craft of uncommon design. Now weather it was experimental earthbound technology or extraterrestrial I will never know. As I stated in my previous posting that I live in the vacintity of sevral air ports both commertial and military, as well as sevral military bases, and I would assume sevral more that I'm not aware of. So here's the story.

We were outside, when my friend looked up over the treeline and saw a large low altitude low speed triangular object. It had a red light at each corner, and it made absolutely no sound. It seemed to drift, and sort of reminded me of the way one of those toy hovercrafts moves, but with more stability. It was about 100 or 200 feet above the treeline and moved at a rate slow enough that we could walk and keep up with it. No sound or exhaust what so ever. We followed it around the block for about thirty minutes after watching it for about 10 or 15 in our front yard before it moved off in a direction that we did not have street access to follow, and so we watched it as it dissapeared in the distance.

Of all the sightings I have had, that was the first where the actual body of the craft was visible. It was very large, about 200 feet acrost, and moved in a slow lazy fascioun, sort of like the occupants had no worries about being seen. As I above stated about the glut of local airports large and small, there was no way in hell that what ever we saw was unnoticed by radar towers, and other people. Being the most up close and personal encounter of such a large and obvious craft in the sky, I am asking anyone reading on this board who is also from Fayetteville NC, or surrounding cities who may have seen a similar object in the summer of 95-98, I'm pretty sure it was within those years but don't remember exactly when. It was before I got my first computer in late 98, and before playstation took hold in the video gaming community so that should give you a basic esitmate when I saw it. I regret not remembering the exact times and dated when I have these sightings. I know it makes it hard for you guys to make a thourough documentation. As of this night when I have newly found this forum I am going to make better documentation of my sightings. I bought a digital camera for the reason of taking pictures of them. howerver it is a cheap 50$ camera and preforms so poorly in low light conditions I am not going to bother to use it to take pictures of ufo's, after all since it's digital there can come the accusation of altering them, and I know some about computer graphics so I could, and since the quality is so poor it could be anything. So to not give myself the reputation of a hoaxer looking for publicity I will not bother to send any pictures. However I could draw pictures, but that's really no better than my descriptions.

I am very very interested in looking up sightings from my area of the US in hopes to find someone describing similar sightings. I know that If I see something, there is a good chance someone else did as well. Something is definately going on. Black book experiments, physical extraterrestrials, or demonic desception are all theories I have come acrost in my personal research, and truthfully there is no data that leans the case in one direction or the other. I have not only seen objects in the sky, but a being at my window. I was in fifth grade when that happened so that would make it around 94 or 95. I saw this triangular craft after the window encounter. The odd thing about that is that It was late in the evening before the sun went down and I had been up all night. I had the blinds pulled up, and a bunk bed that raised me perfectly level with the window. As I went to pull down the shades a thought hit me, and I thought something to the tune of. "Why bother? Leave it up. It's not like you're going to actually see anything. and there's a large bush and tree in front of my window so on one is going to look in on me from the street." So I was in bed and I had dozed off for a few hours. By the time I woke up it was dark. and I know I wasn't asleep because I lay there with my eyes open, view of the window blocked my my blankets debating on getting up or going back to sleep. When I finally decided to get up, I saw up and saw it. It was a very odd experience because I only cought a glimps of it for about a second before I threw my head back under my blankets and began praying to every God I could think of to not let something grab me. I had a vertigo almost tunnle vision, where my perriferal vision was blurred, and somewhat blocked, and there was an odd time distortion feeling. I can't exactly explain it but it seemed like time slowed down in the second I looked at this thing. I later found out from my brother that this which I was describing was known as "the oz factor." and is quite common. At the time he rea! d more UFO and paranormal books than I did. I wasn't much of a reader back in those days. What I saw was a pearly white almost luminous though it didn't appear to be glowing. I could not see the tree of bush behind it, only a inky black void, and it seemed like it and I were all that existed in my sences at the time. I didn't recieve any telepathic communication, no words in my head. but thinking back on it I didn't get a hostile feeling from it, only the fear of actually seeing an alien. It had the usual diamond shaped bulbous head, it had no nasil opening, no nose protrustion or mouth. In fact I got the impression that I was looking at some sort of mask because it was very smooth, and almost had a designed look to it. The eyes were a glassy black, but they were not slanted tear drop shaped like you commonly hear described. They were flat on the top and bottom, rounded on the inside edges and wrapped around the sides of the head like sunglasses, or more accurately a dragonfly's eyes. So I threw my head under my blankets, too scared to move a muscle or make a peep wondering which was worse it being there to take me or there to put me back, and I'm not sure how much time i lay there before I got the courage to take a look to find nothing was amiss. Needless to say I got the hell out of that room pronto, and stayed up all night clutching a butcher knife.

I must say that it was that event that sparked a great deal of my curiosity. I had known about UFO's before and seen strange lights, but never an encounter so up close and personal with something that I could not explain away as a shooting star, or satelight, or unidentified form of uncommon airplane, not exactly one that is top secret but one uncommon enough to not be identified as an airplane. Now I have nightmares, and have had all my life, some of them of UFO themes, but I do not notice any missing time, or have any screen memories or abduction memories, so either I am not an abductee, or I don't remember the events. I would like the first of the two to be true. I know this is a rather lingthy post describing the two most undeniable encounters I have had with unknown beings. I have not seen any odd lights since at least 2000, and I have never before or since seen an actual alien being. I do have a 3d rendering of what I saw, which I don't even like to look at because of how well I reproduced what I remember seeing. It still scares me to this day.

Someone please tell me where I can locate others who are sincere about their experiences where I can relate and recieve stories and compaire and contrast. Something is going on, and it's only a matter of time before we find out what it is.