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Occurred : 6/20/2003 20:35 (Entered as : 062003 20:35)
Reported: 6/20/2003 7:23:40 PM 19:23
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Moline, IL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:20 seconds
black metallic upside down triangle object appeared hovering 15 feet above and 10 feet away from side of I-74 bridge.

I was driving over I-74 bridge going towards Moline, IL from Davenport,IA when I saw it. There is so much construction (and of course NO ONE WORKING at the time) taking place on the bridge that they have lowered the speed limits on the bridge. I was just getting across the bridge and was looking around towards the east where the Kone tower is and I saw the small elongated upside down triangle shaped object (looked like the size of small black plastic office garbage can turned to the narrow side) just floating there just 10 feet off the bridge on the other side to the east. I slowed WAY down to about 15MPH so I could take a good look at it. It was a clear blue sky and no planes, helicopters, birds, no noise....nothing else in the sky near where I was looking. I should mention that I wasn't look up I was looking almost straight out of my car window at it. For the most part it was dark in color but reflecting some light towards me since the sun was going down in the west. I was totally excited because first of all I have heard of things just like this but never seen one till now and second it was only about 40 feet from my car during the day light. No strange lights in the sky with this one. It was an actual object there that wasn't there when I went back 2 minutes later. I ride this bridge every single day (back and forth) so I'm very familiar with what is going on. There were no lights on it but there was something strange on it. At the very top of the upside down triangle it had what looked like a round dish shape thing. I stared at it for about 20 seconds total before the cars behind me started to approach. You can't stop on the bridge since it's only one lane now with all the construction going on. I watched it in my side view mirror as it continued to levitate there about 10 feet off the side of the bridge. I took the first exit and headed down to the Kone tower which is on the east side of the bridge to see if I could find it again. After the exit I lost sight of it an! d never saw it again. I'm not sure how long it was there but I do know that I got a really good look at it.

((NUFORC Note: Witness is a student, who is engaged in a demanding course in the hard sciences. Probably a very good witness. PD))