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Occurred : 4/28/2003 07:25 (Entered as : 4/28/03 7:25)
Reported: 6/22/2003 11:23:42 AM 11:23
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Milpitas, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:2-3 minutes
This sighting was on the freeway 680 north towards sacramento. I'm not sure how many witnesses there were since we had to keep driving after we saw it. Many people who were able to pull over did pull over to watch it. The UFO was VERY CLOSE to the ground, it was perhaps 60-70 ft over the freeway. It hovered in one spot and rotated it self in circles and on its side. The UFO was circular and the bottom had lights in a design that looked almost like a flower of some sort. It was spinning. The bottom was spinning one way and the top part was spinning the other. The UFO was of a grayish color with yellow lights. Only one was seen. After we had passed the UFO, I quickly turned around to continue watching it. It hovered for about another 10 seconds, and then it started to light up and emit a bright light, and then all of a sudden, I saw a blue streak of light and it was gone. The speed at which it traveled was beyond imagination. There seemed to be no noise coming from the UFO, as thought it was just floating there and there was no engine that was helping it fly.

((NUFORC Note: We are unsure as to whether the sighting occurred in the morning, or the evening. The witness describes self as having considerable technical and practical experience. PD))