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Occurred : 5/19/2003 02:25
Reported: 6/28/2003 6:18:14 AM 06:18
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Quebec (Canada), PQ
same day BAKU UFO...on my homepage you can see the PERU UFO from militä click on VIDEO wait little bit than you see the VIDEO from Cannel NTV Germany...........douglas spalthoff The witness reports his UFOs observation in the park of Laurentides, Province of Quebec, road 175, between the junction of Alma and L'Etape, Canada, at 02:25 A.M. on Monday, May 19, 2003. The duration of observation is 4 minutes. The written witness: "I take a few moments to report the observation of a UFO phenomenon I have just witnessed last night. I am not someone who indulges in tellinh his personal stories but in this case I consider that it is my duty to share my experiment in order to help someone else or quite simply to get some hints and have someone tell me what I saw because I am still disturbed by it this morning on my arrival in Montreal." "I left from Chicoutimi at about 2:10 A.M. to drive to Montreal. The night is hot and the moon strongly lights the forest of the park of Laurentides. When I arrived between the junction of Alma and L'Etape two lengthened and vers luminous elliptic discs fly over the forest on my left at approximately 50 meters of my vehicle. I start to observe them without quitting them from the eyes and I completely open the window to make sure that they are not reflections or something like that and they follow me during a lomg moment. The light which surrounds the two UFOS is whitish and their movement is very particular. They make abrupt movement and move fast laterally and ahead. I can perfectly see the two UFOS during approximately 10 seconds then they disappear a split second to reappear during a moment. I wondered during one moment if they followed my car because they followed me like this during approximately 4 minutes which were very long for me. Then whereas the two UFOS in the shape of lengthened discs follow me laterally, I see two other UFOs ahead which are movin in the opposite direction to join them and thus make a formation with 4 in rhombus, which move strangely with sharp and precise movements but always with logic. Approximately at the third minute there are not two only to move above the forest, but four luminous discs. The feeling I have at this this moment is both fear and amazement but I do not want to pull up for two reasons; firstly to not lose sight of them, then by pure fear that if they also immobilize their movements I would have quite simply lost my nerves. Thereafter, the four UFOs came above the road during a few seconds in front of my car (approximately at 70m), then directed themselves again to the forest on my left. Whereas I lost sight of them I see at the same time interval 5 seconds) a plane, helicopter or another apparatus which comes by in the North at the same place where I observed the UFOs, the pilot of this craft probably saw the phenomenon because he was at the heart of the p! henomenon also. The size of the UFOs was of approximately the length of three long cars (could be smaller) and they flew relatively low at the tree top at certain moments." "I do not write this story for the pleasure but to have answers to my questions, what I saw this night. If someone saw the same observations than myself this same night in the park of Laurentides please please let it be known (I believe that I crossed 10 vehicles in the 200 km of the park and none during the observations). a second question annoys me a lot, which was this craft at low altitude seen at the same time when I lost sight of the four UFOs, was this a plane, a helicopter or something else. If somebody can have access to the possible flights of aircraft at 2:55 in the morning in this sector of the park of Laurentides there are strong chances that the pilot saw the UFO phenomenon and could testify about it but who knows who this craft belongs to. One thing is certain is that if I have had a video camera people could have be shown a spectacular display who would have upset them, nevertheless I reported it back the best than I can and if somebody can enlight me do not hesitate to write to me." Thanks to this witness. Any additionnal information can be sent to me at and I will forward it to this witness.