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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/1/2003 02:00 (Entered as : 04/01/03 02:00 ES)
Reported: 7/3/2003 8:05:26 AM 08:05
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Jefferson (Holden), MA
Shape: Changing
Duration:5 min +/-
Three bright white lights at tree top level, then a half circle reddish orange light, and the three lights moving silently forward

A Female Tech Writer with A BS in Hum Serv, awaken by dog at 2AM. Taking him out to a fenced in, lighted yard, on top of hill, standing there she noticed three bright lights at tree top level, behind the fence. After she averted her eyes to the dog, she looked back to see the lights were gone but lower down through the shurbs a "eclipsed" or half moon shape of orangish-reddish color was there. Her eyes back to dog who seemed OK, and then to look up to see the three, headlight bright lights, about the width of a VW had risen and was very slowly, silently, moving toward her. She called her dog who immediately obeyed (unusual) and went inside the house, woke her husband and they went to the deck and there was nothing there.