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Occurred : 6/5/2003 21:00 (Entered as : 06/05/03 21:00)
Reported: 7/3/2003 12:00:01 PM 12:00
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Ardmore, TN
Shape: Egg
Duration:30 to 45 minutes
Hovering egg shaped object.

I received a report from a very kind and helpful lady on July 1, 2003. She was looking for possible answers over what her and her husband witnessed at the beginning of June at 9:00 p.m. in Ardmore Tennessee, United States. Also the witnessed talked with a friend shortly afterwards, explaining what the couple saw. To the witnesses surprise her friend also said she noticed the same bright light on the same evening at the same time when she was outside, but never gave it much thought until the witnesses brought the topic up. I hope I can come up with some kind of answer for the witnesses to this event.

Report & Update below: I have been looking for something for almost a month now, to help me understand what we saw one night.

We live in Southern Tennessee USA, in the central part. My husband and I were coming home about 9:00 PM, and as we started down the road towards our home, I got a glimpse of a very bright light off to the north of us, not very high up, over the tree tops, it was more of a glowing or illumination...not a reflection! I told my husband to look, and as he looked up, he said it was a plane. I told him that it was not and since it was moving slow, I was gonna follow it, and we did. We took back roads and tried to keep it in site, at one point, we went down a dirt road and it looked like it just hovered above the trees, maybe 1500 feet or so. It was a giant egg shape. At first I thought it was a blimp, and as of yet, I am not sure what it thing for sure, it was something I had never seen before. There was no sound at all, and it was moving very slowly. Not once did it speed up. As it moved out of sight, we had to drive a short distance to be able to see it again, and it was moving to the South west....still not making a sound. As we got into town, where we could see it better, it was moving further away, and appeared to be going higher. Other people had to have seen it, but nothing was ever mentioned in the papers or to the police. About 2 weeks later, I was talking to a friend who lives in the area and told her about it, and it jogged her memory to the same night, she went outside, and just looked up and seen a bright light, and wondered what it was, but never thought nothing else about it. I have tried to find out what a blimp looks like at night in the sky, and I can't find anything. I wanted to call the airport in Huntsville Ala, and see if they seen anything on radar, but my husband said, "They probably wouldn't tell you if they did." So I didn't call them.

Can you help me out, what do you think it was? Anything you can tell me, I would appreciate it.

Thank You.

(name deleted by HBCC UFO Research) Update: I asked a number of questions in hopes of trying to get a better idea of what the folks saw that evening. Below is the witnesses response.

Thanks for the answer to my email. I will try to answer the questions as well as possible.

It took place about the first part of June, of this year 2003.,about 9:00 PM. The weather had been rainy for a few days, but it was rather clear that night, during that time. From the time we spotted the light, until we lost sight of it, was about 30 minutes, I think. Maybe 45, with all the driving up and down dirt roads and trying to find it again when it would go behind the trees and hills. At one time when we seen it hovering, we had driven down a hill on a dirt road, and it was off to our left, hovering above the trees, if I held out my arm and measured the length of it between my index finger and thumb, it would have probably been about an inch and half to 2 inches in length. (My arms are short also) When we seen it hovering, we could not make out any details on it, it was just bright, no sound, no flashing lights, no indications of windows or anything like that. It was just so bright, I don't see how anyone didn't see it. The town we live in, is Ardmore Tennessee, which borders the state of Alabama also. Interstate 65 runs north and south. And the town of Ardmore is located on the line. As we drove into town, so we could get a better look, due to the horizon line, we noticed that no one even acted like they seen it. The teens were cruising the strip and not even noticing what was going on. As we entered the town, the road we were on was coming from the north east., and the object had moved across town and was headed to the West, southwest. My friend that seen the light, lives south west of Ardmore, and she only briefly got a glimpse of the bright light, they have a lot of trees there and she couldn't see it at all, just a light in the sky, through the trees.

The bright light was like the color of a fluorescent light, kind of glowing. Putting off a lot of light around it. I said it was egg shaped, more of an oval, with the egg lying on its side, not standing up. When it hovered over the trees, it wasn't long, rather, we stopped and looked at it, maybe 2 minutes, and then we drove off, trying to get a better look, as it started moving slowly again. It never made a sudden movement, and never sped up, unless it did so while we were driving to get a better look. The path it took, seemed to be straight. We were the ones going in circles.

I was in awe, I have always been amazed at these things, and although people have made fun of me, I know my husband seen it with me that time. When we finally got out of the woods and back up on top of the hill coming into town, it was headed on to the west, southwest. And getting to far off to see it good, but you could still see the bright light. It was just getting farther away, and my husband wanted to come home, and quit chasing something we may not want to catch.

Usually when something odd is in the sky, the meteorologist say something about it on the news at 10:00 that night, but not a single word was said. Especially Adrian Gibson on channel 31 in Huntsville Ala. where we get most of the weather conditions. That's why my husband said it was probably a blimp. I got on the Internet and tried to look up pictures of blimps at night, and nothing came up....that was any help. My friend said she didn't see anything that she could speak of, except the light. She didn't see the object. So I guess we will have to go on my word. Attached is a drawing I did to kind of show you how it appeared at first.

Thanks again (name deleted by HBCC UFO Research) The statement below referrers to a computer drawing the witness sent to me which gave me a better idea of where they were when they spotted the object. I will be posting this report along with the computer image to my site soon.

Ps. from the bottom of the page, we were going down a steep hill to our home, which is the X (we were going North, but down hill) Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989 - Free call.

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