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Occurred : 8/10/1994 01:30 (Entered as : 08/10/94 1:30am)
Reported: 7/12/2003 11:03:32 PM 23:03
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Grizzly Mountain, CA
Shape: Light
An erie and unexplainable experience on Grizzly Mountain.

One day my wife and myself decided to go camping above Oakhurst and Bass Lake up in the mountains, she was pregnant with or son at the time. We headed up to Grizzy Mountain where I've previously hunted since a teenager. It was late when we got there and I set up our tent and started a fire. While we sat there enjoying the great outdoors I began to feel very uncomfortable. That feeling you get as if someone's watching you or your not alone. I told my wife how I felt and she shrugged it off saying I'm probably just tired. I agreed and went and sat in the front seat of our car to look for a something I could use as a weapon so I could make myself feel as comfortable as she was feeling. While sitting in the front seat I noticed a light to the left of a tree top. I thought it was just a star but then the light moved to the right of the tree top and I began to rationalize it as the rotation of the earth or something or wind blowing the tree tops, yet I felt no breeze and none of the tree tops seemed to be swaying. I watched the light for awhile as it kept moving from one side of the tree top to the other, until I finally heard my wife call my name and ask what I was doing. I told her to come sit in the car next to me and watch what I thought I was seeing. She was quite annoyed by it and felt like I was trying to play a prank or something which she didnt find funny at all because she was pregnant and wasnt in the mood for it. When she sat in the car I asked her to watch the star/ light and tell me what she thought of it. After a few minutes she got real close to me and said she wasnt feeling very comfortable up here in the mountains anymore. She told me she things the light keeps moving from left to right of the tree top and then back again. That settled it for me. I knew I wasnt just seeing things then. Then I felt a boldness and got out of the car and started yelling up at the light saying come on down we're friendly and we mean you no harm. I want to see what you look like ! and stuff like that. Truely I was completely scared but by doing this it kept my nerves steady. Then the wind began to blow real bad and I thought I sensed a movement on the ground it the surrounding trees but I couldnt tell. The light of the fire was making it too hard to see the surroundings. I put the fire out real quick and waited a bit so my eyes could adjust to the dark so I could try and see if I noticed any movement. A few moments later my wife freaked out saying she felt weird and was scared for her unborn baby and ranted about other things I dont remember now. Then I heard alot of movement in the trees about 30 yards away and it freaked me out. I jumped in the car with her and told her screw this we're getting out of dodge. I tried to start the car and the freaken car wouldnt start. We were both really stressin out then. We were parked facing up hill where are camp was and my car was a stick shift, so I put it in neutral and let it roll back to pop the clutch. It worked and the car fired up and we took off down the way we came, sky ranch road. On our way up the road was really clear, but as we sped off back down the mountain trees started falling over next to us and branches were falling off of trees and I couldnt make any sense of where I was at. I knew those roads like the back of my hand and due to panic or who knows what else, I felt a bit lost. Then my wife said stop the car, we just passed that same spot awhile ago and I think we just went in a big circle. I stopped the car and we got out of the car and we started calming each other down trying to reason all this out. Then I became stressed out again because I knew that there was no way we could have went in a circle. There was only one way back down that mountain , sure there were plenty of off roads to go elsewhere, but none of those roads would have took us in a circle based on where we stopped. I couldnt make sense of any of it. For some reason we both looked up about the same time and we both saw a blue glowing ligh! t with an ovalish/ coccoon shaped object spinning within it. I was in awe. It was so pretty yet so weird looking. My wife jumped back in the car and said drive damn it. I jumped back in the car and told her we arent going any further. My instincts told me that when your panicing its best to just stay put and calm down regardless of the situation. Think things out. I checked by watch and I knew it was almost morning time and we could just wait it out. Whatever it was it was sure to leave when the sun came up. While waiting we both faded in and out of sleep until I noticed things were getting alot lighter. Thank God the sun was coming up. When the sun came up we just sat there in the car holding each other. I asked her if we just both had the craziest dream or what? She said theres no way we could have had the same crazy dream and she wanted to leave. My stubborness wouldnt let me just leave though. I wanted to go back to camp and get my tent and belongings. She said forget them, we can get more, but I wanted my stuff and my curiousity was killing me. I wanted to troll around the camp in the woods and see if I found anything strange. We got back to camp and packed things up and walked around a bit and noticed a large burnt area up aways from were we camped. We felt real creepy again and both agreed to leave. We told my Mom about it and my Step Dad when we got back. My Mom was way curious because she knew I never was a story teller and never made things up. My step Dad was probably thinking just the opposite after hearing what we just them. We never told anyone else though. Thought people would laugh or make fun of us. A few months later though my Mom talked her husband into taking them up to the same spot to camp. He knew exactly where it was at. Hes been hunting up there for years. The next day we went by there home and they told us they went up there to camp, but they didnt stay. They both told us that they felt really uncomfortable at that camp spot and felt like they were ! being watched or something. They came off the mountain the same night and came home. I havent been back to that sight yet and dont plan on ever going there again.

When I found this web site right now I couldnt resist telling our story. It feels real good to be able to talk about it again. Thanks

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. We will attempt to confirm the date. PD))