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Occurred : 7/13/2003 04:15 (Entered as : 7/13/03 4:15a.m.)
Reported: 7/14/2003 10:57:11 AM 10:57
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Lynn Haven, FL
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:15 to 20 seconds
An orange rectangular silent fast moving light high in sky over my house

At 4:10 a.m. Sunday morning my husband and kids came in from a fishing trip waking me. I went out to smoke a cigarette in my front yard and as I was looking up at the sky became aware of an unusual object flying extremely fast, high in the sky directly over my house.The color was a dull orange (similar to the street lights) and the best way to describe the shape was a rectangular crescent. The middle of the object projected slightly ahead of the sides.I do not know how to estimate altitude I only know the object seemed very high up.The size was about as wide as my index fingernail and half as thick. The light was steady, no blinking. I realized it would soon be blocked from sight by my roofline so I ran thru my house out the back door telling my 15 year old son as I went that "there is something in the sky".When I got back outside it had vanished. At the rate of speed it was going when I last saw it, it should have been still visible. Though I believe there are UFO's in our skies I tend to be highly skeptical and my husband told me I had probably seen the space station or satellite so I didn't report it yesterday. Today I went online and find out the space station looks like a star, definitely not what I saw and it was definitely not an airplane, blimp, etc. so what was it???!!!