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Occurred : 5/3/2003 17:00 (Entered as : 5/03 5 pm)
Reported: 7/15/2003 5:47:45 PM 17:47
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Wooster, OH
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 minutes
a moving dark cloud,hovers,fades in and out,small visible opening in sky, orange color object appears,ballon material look.disappears..

me and a friend went golfing.a nice course on the outskirts of town.not very crowded.a clear large clouds in the sky.miles away there were some on the horizon.we played to the 8th hole.a large open field clear view of the sky ahead.

i hit my ball i watch it land and bounce a few times. i'm waiting as my friend steps up to tee off. i look up as i usually do at this course.the sky is so beautiful.and also it was very strange that two small aircraft had been buzzing back and forth around the general area, since we had arrived.but i thought nothing much of that.i figured they were police planes watching for speeders. my friend thought some local people owned planes and were just out flying around.

the planes have nothing to do with what we saw i guess. but odd to me now that i think about that day in my head.the airplanes buzzing around were actually annoying.

perhaps they were looking for something? i cannot remember what colors the planes were, offhand.i was trying to ignore them.

as i said my friend was teeing off,i look up. i see a dark cloud approaching at a speed i'll relate to in time appeared to be about a mile away when i noticed it. in the time it took for my freind to hit his ball,watch it land, and comment that he hit his was directly in front of us.the distance is hard to estimate against the backdrop of a clear blue sky that goes ? how far until it meets the horizon.i'll guess it was about 300 ft up off the ground and 1/4 mile out ahead of us.

it was the size of a large two story started out like i mentioned as a dark cloud.more like smoke looking.i work on diesel trucks,some you start up and smoke rolls out that looks dark grey with hint of white in it.this had that appearance.

i say to my friend."look at that's not moving".he said," that's just some smoke or something."i watched it come from over that way ",i said.

he tells me to play the game. i watch more as i walk towards my ball.

i stopped playing and just watch.he walks toward his ball, looks at me kind of irritated.yet he starts watching to.

the smoke had seemed to get less became sort of transparent like you could see more of the blue sky through it.

i am awestruck.i am just asking him.don't you see that? it's not smoke. i just keep asking him this. i suddenly see a small perfect rectangle in the sky.and directly off to the right the "smoke was somewhat visible still.but oddly it had became a burnt orange color.fading from a see through grayish color to this orangish color. i began raising my voice some because of the small rectangle opening, my friend notices more the color changing area off to the right.i see what i thought was a bird.

so i point up ,because he could not really distinguish the rectangle opening.mind you, my story is becoming longer,like this was a great span of time.but actually only about a minute has passed .so we are kind of a little in disbelief that we are seeing something ufo-like.

i point to the bird object and tell him to look close.he half leans towards me to follow where my finger is pointing. and he kind of stretches his neck forward as you do while straining to look at something far away.then the "bird dissapeared into the rectangle opening.

i don't know that he fully can swear ,like me, on seeing the opening.

then the opening was gone.immediately the orange color to the right appeared off and on for about a half second at a time.shimmering is how i'll describe it.there was no more grey/white smoke at this was large orange object then the blue sky behind it.back and forth.this happened for about 6 seconds. then the sun reflected off of an friend really lit first he was passing it off as smoke,non caring at all.we all know any ufo sitings are generally at night.and i have never seen any unexplained i was unsure it was anything either.

he exclaimed"wow.thats a big parachute" it looked like material of a parachute or a hot air balloon.the sun suddenly reflected off of the object for about 4 seconds.the best way to describe it.s shape is the size and shape of the large sail on a pirate if we were veiwing it not from the front,as to see its full width,more as if you wear looking at a boat sail from the side. it dissapeared again.shimmered 2 more very brief times.then the smoke gradually appeared,but less visible this time.and it slowly moved away for about 10 seconds and the smoke gradually dissapeared in about 30 seconds,we saw no more.meanwhile the planes are still buzzing the general area.

i have thought about this near every day.i have told about three people in my family,because they had told me of some things they had seen.

my sighting of this object,i have been trying to compare with other sightings but to no friend is non believing in anything he has no immediate answer for.

i have been trying to find any other ufo story similiar to mine to try and figure out more what i saw that day.

i'm leaning more towards a government type of project.due to the show i have seen on invisible clothing on tech tv.and the new 007 movie with the invisible car.because the object had same type of appearance about it. in both of these instances,cameras projected images gathered from surrounding area of object and project it onto the item to make it appear invisible..also the movie with eddie murphy and the olsen guy.where the bad guys were selling the top secret jet that was invisible,for transporting the nuclear weapons.a chamealion type of cloaking device.i realize these are movie tricks.but to describe the appearance of what i saw in real life.i'll use those movies to create a visual for you.

that is it.i hope to read some accounts from others who may help shed a light on this sighting i had,of an unidentifiable flying object.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))