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Occurred : 8/10/2003 18:55 (Entered as : 08/10/03 1855)
Reported: 8/11/2003 2:55:01 PM 14:55
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: Yakima, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 to 15 seconds
Triangle shaped object seen over Yakima valley traveling from west to east, it changed its path of travel three times.

I was sitting out at my patio table enjoying a Sunday evening and caught a glimpse of a very fast moving object out of the corner of my eye. I took a second look to make sure that what I was looking at wasn't a reflection. I was startled and excited at what I saw. The object was moving from West to East across the Yakima valley. The object traveled very quickly and changed its trajectory three separate times. The shape of the object was a triangle. It appeared to be solid in shape, it was about the size of a star at night and was white in color, and did not have a vapor trail. I watched it for as long as it stayed visible, which was about ten to fifeteen seconds. The object went behind cloud cover and that was the last I saw of this object. This was my first sighting of a UFO and I feel very fortunate to have seen one. My wife was outside with me during my sighting, but unfortunately was unable to see the object. I think she was looking just a little below the object. I am a male in my 30's and this is my first UFO sighting.