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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1972 22:00 (Entered as : 1972 22:00)
Reported: 8/15/2003 6:41:22 PM 18:41
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: Lowell, OH
Shape: Other
Duration:15 min.?
one incredibly large, silent luminous vessel hovering like a large shallow soup bowl inverted over another of the same size and shapec

It was a warm evening--spring or fall. The fog was so heavy as I traveled the gravel road from town to our country home that I had to open the window and drive using the ditch to my left as my guide. I drove this road for five miles beside the river; then I made a 90-degree turn to the left, away from the river, but still with heavy fog. A minute or so later I turned right into our lane and drove to the end of it, making nearly a 90-degree turn to the left, away from the corn field that was on my right. As I had driven the long stretch of the lane, on my left were railroad tracks, a narrow corn field, and then a ridge. The distance to the ridge was maybe a football field's length. I parked the car, got out, and started toward the house. Something caught my attention. I looked toward the lane I had just traveled and saw a luminous object hovering above the field. It was maybe 50 yards from me. Because nothing was near it, I have only a guess as to how big it really was and how high it was from the ground. I think it was as big as a football field and 30 to 40 feet above the ground. I heard no sound. There was not even a breeze. But the fog had cleared. What amazed me the most was that there was no sign of motion. It appeared to be glowing metal. It's shape was of a shallow, large soup bowl inverted over another large soup bowl the same size and shape, joined by a strip of the same substance such that it was perpendicular to the rims of the two bowls. This joining strip had what appeared to be rectangular windows in it. I don't remember whether they were horizontal or vertical. I do remember that their shape was distinct--no blurring. I wondered whether these really were windows and someone was looking at me as I looked at the UFO or whether these were energy sites. They did have a different "glow" from the UFO, as though a light were behind them. Nowhere could I see any opening or any notable feature. As I stood riveted, it suddenly both rose and sped away to my right-! -at about a 45 degree angle to the field. It's disappearance took only a fraction of a second. Because I had no kind of drug in my system nor was I tired, I believe what I saw was real. I went back the next day to see whether the ground below it showed any signs of heat or of radiation burns. Nothing looked unusual. I want to add that the area where I saw it was a path for low-flight jet maneuvers over the river, from a ridge on one side to a ridge on the other. These jets were from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. We will invite the witness to submit an illustration of the object, which we may post. PD))