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Occurred : 8/17/2003 00:50 (Entered as : 08/17/2003 00:50)
Reported: 8/17/2003 4:05:43 PM 16:05
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: Lakewood, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:15 min
Two bright hazey ball shapes wobbling and traveling upwards

Two haze surrounded shapes were observed from my backyard at about 40 degrees East. The one on top appeared to wobble slightly, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I stared a little longer, the second object wobbled too. I went out to the front of my house to get a better angle away from my citrus trees. I had a clear line of sight from my driveway. The objects now wobbled together and one circled around the other, stop, do it again, this went on for about 45 seconds, then both began climbing rapidly westward, the one on top first, followed almost immediately by the other. At times when the two were briefly very close to each other, they seemed to form an upside down V shape, (but the haze was constantly changing shape as the objects moved,so the V shape might just be a subcouncious fabrication) There were starlike objects moving randomly within the balls of haze, at least two or three within each one. As they traveled upwards they got smaller, they circled around each other, clockwise and counterclockwise, stop, wobble and travel together again. I screamed/called my neighbor to grab his eyeglasses and come outside and tell me I wasn't imagining the whole thing. By the time he came out the objects were at about 80 degrees in the sky and much smaller, he confirmed two of them, the mist/haze appearance and the odd wobbling and circling behavior, as well as the rate of speed, we stood there for about 5 minutes until he couldn't see them anymore. I myself having 20/20 vision observed the two objects for about 5 more minutes at about 88 degrees, barely visible, still circling each other, star like objects appeared to travel in and out and away from the haze.