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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/16/2003 23:00 (Entered as : 08/16/03 23:00)
Reported: 8/19/2003 12:50:37 PM 12:50
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: Seaside, OR
Shape: Light
Duration:approximate: 5 seconds
Twin objects race across the sky in an unusal criss-cross pattern in an exciting sighting at the Oregon coast!

Saturday August 16th we were on the beach in Seaside Oregon star gazing. We had stayed out after watching a beautiful sunset and sitting in our sand chairs with perfect weather and an enjoyable evening. Sometime after 10:00 PM we both spotted what I would call a Fast-Walker, moving from south to north in a rapid long hopping or pulsing movement. Possibly with a reddish glow to it, brightening and dimming as it pulses forward through the sky. These are very fast and you can count four or five pulses as they skip across the sky in a matter of seconds and the they are gone from view. We actually saw two of these within an hour moving in a northernly direction.

Those were exciting and I had seen one once before but what we saw at approximately 11:00 PM really excited me! I pointed and yelled out UFO, UFO, as these two objects raced across the sky in a very unusal pattern. There was no doubt that these were very annomalus. There were two objects which my wife says were gray lights. I have trouble with colors and take her word for the color. All I can say is that there were two lights and that they were speeding north paralell to each other and appeared two come together and criss-cross each others path four to five times in a steady rythm as they rapiddly sped north from the south along the Oregon coast. Kind of hard to explain a sighting that only lasted about 5 seconds and I probably wouldn't have reported just a fast moving light in the sky like a pulsing Fast-Walker that allmost seems to be common, but these twin objects or lights were extraordinary. They appeared to be lower than the other objects we had seen. Yet very high with no known noise or visible trail associated with them and what struck me as almost a playful flight pattern, zipping in and out of each others path as they streaked along.

It is possible that they were not criss-crossing but mearly appeared to come together and then part in a repeated pattern as they raced across the sky, but it was my impression that they were criss-crossing and traveling extremely fast in a very exciting, annomalous sighting. There were over 50 people on the beach and about seven campfires as we did a rough head count of the activities around us as we stayed out untill about midnight on this perfect summer evening on the beach. I don't believe anyone else heard me or looked up soon enough when I shouted UFO, UFO, probably muffled by the ocean surf and distance on the wide beach.