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Occurred : 8/15/2003 00:20 (Entered as : 8-15-03 24:20)
Reported: 8/21/2003 4:49:11 AM 04:49
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: Centreville, VA
Shape: Circle
Duration:60 seconds
At first there were 2. I was the first to see them. It was approx. 12.20 on a Friday night. Above the adjacent town home I saw two glowing lights, they were in formation headed South, I believe. They moved at a rather slow pace considering. Within their formation they seemed to be moving independently as well, in an erratic, but quick short manner. It was unlike anything I have ever seen. They were circular, and they glowed, with a luminous type light. They were moving with a motive. I was mesmerized and then my fiancée said look, there are three more. They were following the first two lights. They seemed to be in formation as well, never leaving their positions. Within their position they seemed to be formation with the first two, but "zig zagging in the same erratic way. If I had to guess the speed, I would have to say they were moving about 30-40 miles per hour. They were inclining slowly over the row of town homes we reside in. But it was a slow and gradual incline. There was absolutely no sound what so ever. I don't believe they were perfectly round. We didn't see any type of shadow or background behind the lights to suggest space ship. But it was unlike anything any of us have ever seen. The movement, the glowing lights, the formations, the erratic movement made independently, al suggested to all of us immediately we were definitely observing something amazing and not of this planet. We are all in our 30's, with predominant careers. Two of us are realist, but spiritualist as well. Two of us skeptics by nature, until this amazing experience. We are all very well educated, in addition to group and individual continuous education. We all believe in the evolution of intelligence. Two of us have had previous experiences and sightings. Since this experience we have shared with many, and have been told amazing stories as well. Each experience shared with us has had one thing in common, and that is the fact they never shared their experience with anyone else. They kept q! uite, until now.

We waited outside in anticipation of seeing additional sightings. We all kept saying the same thing, " what the hell was that", over and over again. All of us agreeing, it was not of this planet. All of us in amazement, but at the same time, fearful. My neighborhood is filled with military families, of all types. I am informing you of this because of what followed about 30-40 minutes later. A very big, military helicopter began flying above the area we last saw the "UFO's. And it was definitely military. It was huge. It was long and with very few lights, except for in the back. It was searching for something in the sky, because it did not use a spot light. They looked like the black hawk down helicopter. It began searching in a circular manner, and slowly widened the diameter of it's area, as well as gradually inclining. If I had to guess, I would say it searched for about 45 minutes to an hour. In a distance we could hear an additional helicopter. Our view was blocked by our limited view, we were on the back deck. WE didn't feel anything a far as energy, or the climate nor the sky. Our bodies nor our minds were altered.

It was simply amazing! We all discussed it, and continue to do so. We all had the same thought as we watched. Can it see us, and if so, does it know we can see it? I would like know if there were other sightings that night in our area. Please do me this courtesy and reply. My e-mail is I would also like to know how and where this information will be documented.

I am sure you know my address, and will compile information on me.

What now?